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It’s always a good idea to learn how to properly care for your diamond earrings. Knowing whether or not to shower with diamond earrings on is a good idea or just as important as knowing how to preserve it correctly when it’s not being worn. Getting your diamond earrings wet is a real possibility, especially during the summer or when wearing earrings outside in warmer temperatures.

In this post, we’ll address the question of whether or not you may wear diamond earrings in the shower, and whether or not jewelry should be exposed to water. When it comes to whether or not you can wear diamond earrings in the shower, the usual guideline is to avoid doing so as much as possible. What’s always been recommended is that you keep your diamond earrings in a dry and secure location.

Is a Diamond Water Resistant?

Water does not harm diamonds because they are naturally hydrophobic, or water-averse. Diamonds should not be subjected to any of these products, including soaps, oils, lotions, and the like. Diamonds can lose their brilliance and shine if they are subjected to these chemicals. If you like being in a safe place, don’t wash or bathe in diamond earrings. Water doesn’t harm the metals used to craft the earrings, but exposure to water for an extended period of time might dull the metallic shine, which is what happens when you wear your diamond studs all time. In addition, exposure to soap and hot water while bathing would cause a plating to wear off faster than it’d normally.

Can You Shower with Diamond Earrings On?

Even while it is technically possible to shower while wearing diamond earrings, it is not recommended because the shower will cause significant harm if the earrings are worn all the time. Although there is a chance that the diamond earrings will be harmed, it is possible that the diamond’s hue will change over time. There’s a reason for this: the soap leaves leftovers on the gemstone, which makes diamond earrings appear less brilliant and more dingier in appearance.

So, despite the fact that diamond earrings are quite durable, wearing diamond earring during a shower is not recommended. Additionally, lotions & oils will diminish the diamond’s radiance, in addition to soap. The great news is, that soaps from the showers will not have an adverse effect on the diamond earring’s structural integrity.

Is It Possible For Diamond Earrings To Rust In the Shower?

Diamond, to most people’s surprise, is a very non-reactive metal. Diamond is extremely stable in its environment, and will not mix with the other elements as a result of its structure. When diamond earrings are contacted with specific compounds, the diamond in them does not react as readily to temperature changes or pressure as other materials. In addition, diamond earrings will not erode over time, as many metals would. 

The main difficulty is that these diamond earrings aren’t created totally of diamond, which is a flaw in the design. In order to increase the flexibility and durability of diamond earrings, most jewelry products are alloyed with other metals. Unfortunately, these alloys have the potential to react with chlorine, which is frequent in showers. When this reaction occurs, metal atoms from the diamond earrings will be corroded; this is recognized as oxidation in the scientific community.

It is recommended that you remove your pricey diamond earrings before showering in order to avoid damage. Wearing diamond earrings in the pool is also not recommended because chlorine is extremely highly corrosive and will result in substantial damage over time.

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Instructions on How to Take Care of Your Diamond Earrings

Keep It As Dry As Possible

Keep your diamond earrings clean by wiping them down with a soft cloth once you have finished wearing them. Using this method, you will be able to eliminate any sweat and debris from the diamond earrings.

Maintain a Clean Environment

When cleaning diamond earrings, a modest bit of soap is all that is required. Make sure not to get excess water on the diamond earrings as this might cause the metal to corrode and deteriorate.

Keep It In a Box

Always keep the diamond earrings in a box and pouch, and keep them separate from other pieces of jewelry, such as necklaces and rings, to avoid damage. Additionally, it will be protected from other metals’ scratches while also preventing oxidation from occurring on its surface.

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So, should you take a shower while wearing diamond earrings? Your diamond earrings should be 100 percent diamond as long as they are not plated in any other metal. If it was constructed properly, it should not rust or discolor. The usage of hard water in your shower may produce corrosion on the diamond earrings over time if the water is too hard.

You can see that both silver and copper tarnish quite easily as a result of prolonged contact with moisture. Diamond doesn’t really tarnish in the same manner that gold does. It is true that the body oils will produce some little discoloration over time, but in general, pure diamond earrings can withstand being exposed to water.

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