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How Much Is A 14k Gold Bracelet Worth

Want to buy a 14K gold bracelet, but have no idea what it would cost? Knowing how much 14k jewelry will cost you in advance is the best way to save money.

At the very least, you’ll know that you’ve made a wise investment. 14K gold is the most popular alloy in the United States, beating out 18K gold. 14 karat gold is 58.5 percent pure gold.

The value of a 14K gold bracelet may be important to you because you wish to sell or buy one.

What is the current stock market value of 14-karat gold?

Precious metals like gold and silver are traded on the stock market Because of their widespread industrial application, gold is treated as a commodity. The material worth of even a modest 14K gold bracelet cannot be understated.

With this information in mind, we may say that 14K is a mixture containing 58.5 percent pure gold. Because of this, 14K is only worth 58.5 percent of the gold price that is 100% pure.

Pure or genuine gold (.999 gold) is currently trading at $1968.35 per ounce on the stock market. That equates to $1152.64 for a pound of 14K gold.

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How Much Is a 14K Gold Bracelet Worth?

You can spend anywhere from a few hundred bucks up to several thousands of dollars on a 14K gold bracelet setting, depending on the design you select. Solitaire settings in 14K gold bracelets tend to be the most economical, whereas more ornate settings can be much more expensive.

Is the price of a 14K gold bracelet beyond your budget? Due to its similar appearance and durability as 18K gold at quite a lesser price, 14K gold is by far the most common metal for bracelets.

In order to give you a better idea of what to expect to pay for a setting, we’ve provided various instances of 14K gold bracelets in the sections below.

There are two main aspects that impact the cost of a gold bracelet. The first consideration is the setting’s metal kind (such as 14K gold). The second consideration is the amount and quality of gold used in the bracelet design.

Platinum or 18K gold are good benchmarks to use when evaluating the pricing of 14K gold.

As its additional alloy metals are smaller in percentage, 14K gold is often less costly than these alternatives. It will also be a lot less expensive than a platinum engagement ring.

Blue Nile’s platinum setting for the Blue Nile solitaire bracelet is $990. Blue Nile’s 14K gold setting is only $410 less expensive than a matching 18K white gold setting. 14K gold is the most cost-effective fine jewelry metal, while yet providing durability and beauty.

When it relates to color, the cost of 14K gold doesn’t vary all that much. For example, Brian Gavin’s white gold solitaire bracelet costs $440, Blue Nile’s yellow gold bracelet costs $410, and James Allen’s rose gold bracelet costs $420.

A 14K gold bracelet settings will cost between 20% and 35% less than the same setting in 18K gold, on average.

The price difference in 14K and 18K gold for a pavé, halo, as well as side stone bracelet, is typically minimal. As a result, the gold involves to manufacture the bracelets accounts for a lesser part of its cost, with side, halo, or pavé diamonds accounting for a greater portion.

James Allen’s $960 small pavé 14K white gold bracelet is one such example. James Allen charges $1,150 for the same bracelet in 18K white gold, so the 14K ring is only 16 percent cheaper.

The price gap between 14K and 18K gold might get even smaller for settings with more diamonds or gemstones. Just 7% separates the 14k gold and 18k gold prices for the same white gold bracelet with nearly a carat of tiny diamonds.

In general, a 14K gold bracelet is roughly 20% to 35% less expensive than an 18K gold bracelet. When diamonds or other features enter the picture, the value advantage that 14K gold offers is reduced.

How much is a 14k Gold bracelet worth at Pawn Shop?

Whether you’re looking for certain quick cash or want to get rid of a bracelet that has become associated with terrible memories, inquiring how much a 14K gold bracelet is valued at a pawn shop is a totally legitimate question to have on your mind!

You can anticipate receiving between 50 percent and 75 percent of the current cost of 14K gold from a pawn shop, depending on the current market price of the metal.

When Is 14K Gold Bracelet the right choice?

The precious metal you choose for the jewelry should be mostly determined by its appearance, but it should also be considered for its longevity and cost.

When compared to platinum or 18K gold alternatives, 14K gold is less expensive, making it a good choice for people with a variety of budgets. 14K gold is perfect for bracelets, but it is also suitable for pendants, studs, promise rings, as well as other jewelry pieces such as necklaces and earrings.

For the purpose of selecting the hue of gold for the bracelet, you should ensure that the diamond is as white as possible when compared to the setting.

For example, the J-colored Oval diamonds by the Blue Nile, which occasionally have a little tint, appear white when viewed in conjunction with the 14K yellow gold settings.

When it comes to stones with a lighter color grade, yellow gold is frequently a wonderful fit. The G color grade diamond by James Allen looks stunning in white gold settings, yet it would also look stunning in a yellow or rose gold setting as well.

Regardless of the gold color, you select, 14K gold is an excellent option for a bracelet that’ll be worn on a daily basis and has special significance.

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