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Everything, including precious metals is subject to the forces of time. We occasionally get asked how to clean the gold chains that used to gleam earlier, but now it’s obvious to the eye that its luster has faded. Gold can form a film buildup as a result of the use of oils on the body, lotions, powders, soaps, perfumes, and other cosmetics. The jewelry may appear dull as a result of this. Furthermore, pollutants in the air may lead the gold to be slightly oxidized, which is undesirable. Cleaning and maintaining the gold chain will ensure that it remains bright and robust for many years to come.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gold Chain?

Let’s talk about frequency before we tell you how to clean your jewelry at home. How often should one take them out of their cases? It all comes down to how frequently you wear them. If you wear your gold chain it will build up dirt at a faster rate than if you only wear it once or twice per week. As a result, the chain catches your body oils and other detritus that you come into contact with during the day. Once a month is a good rule of thumb for keeping it in the same condition as when you first purchased it.

Clean A Gold Chain With Soap And Water

This is the simplest do it yourself chain cleaner to put together. All you have to do is add some drops of dish solution to some warm water. For roughly 15 minutes, put your jewelry in the bowl. The dirt should be loosened by this. The jewelry can be cleaned with a soft-bristled brush when the timer expires. Make sure to inspect all the nooks and crannies for dirty that may be hiding. When you’re finished, rinse all soapy pieces under running tap water to ensure the work is done properly. Use a microfiber cloth to remove the moisture.

Clean Gold Chain With Baking Soda

The second method calls for a paste made of three teaspoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of water. Apply the baking soda solution to your jewelry with a toothbrush. Pour vinegar over the paste-coated jewelry and let it soak for a few minutes. Take out the pieces and wash them in warm water after letting them sit for about 10 min. With a soft-bristled brush or your fingertips, you may get rid of the residue and paste that has built up. Avoid using any type of abrasive scrubber. When you’re finished, use a microfiber towel to wipe the jewelry clean.

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Clean Gold Chain With Ammonia

Ammonia is an excellent cleaning agent for jewelry, but it should only be used under specific conditions. When used too frequently, it will corrode. If it doesn’t, you can continue to follow the directions in this guide. Make your jewelry cleaning at home with 6 parts water and 1 part ammonia. It’s best not to leave the pieces in the solution too long because ammonia is so strong. After rinsing the jewelry, pat it dry with a soft cloth.

Clean Gold Chain With Boiling Water

Boiling water is the final cleaning method we’ll discuss. For fragile gemstones like pearls and opals, this approach is not recommended. Glued-in gemstones may be sturdy enough to survive fire, but you should still be cautious. There is no need to worry about the glue coming loose. Boiling a large amount of water will be unnecessary. There should be just enough to cover all of your chains and rings, nothing more. Arrange the jewels in a dish while water is coming to a boil on the stove. The components should not be touched in any way. Nothing can get clean if you stack bracelets and chains on top of one another. Slowly pour the hot water into the dish. Wait to remove your jewelry from the water until your hand is completely submerged. Pull out everything and use a soft cloth to wipe it down to remove any excess moisture.

Clean Gold Chain With Ultrasonic Machine

If you’ve done all we’ve suggested and your jewelry is still not shinnying how you want it would be a good idea to purchase an ultrasonic machine. An ultrasonic machine uses high frequency sound waves through the water to generate pressure and clean your jewelry down to the tightest spots. These machines are used by professional jewelers.

How To Care For Your Diamond Chain

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning gold jewelry that is adorned with diamonds. If the diamonds are not properly set onto your gold chain they may come free while you are cleaning. This is why we recommend you use a soft-bristled toothbrush and gently clean the areas around the stone. If you feel a stone is loose it would be best to take your chain to a professional jeweler.

Helpful Tips

  • Make sure each piece of jewelry has a designated spot when you’re putting it away. Everything will get scratched up if it’s stored too close together.
  • When cleaning or soaking jewelry, use warm. If you don’t think it can resist the boiling cleaning process, don’t allow it to get too hot.
  • When rinsing your jewelry in the sink, use a gentle stream of water to avoid damaging the metals. You never know if running it at full blast would jar some of the diamonds loose.

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