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Maybe you are noticing that your gold earrings or any other gold item are not shiny anymore as they are used in your daily routine. Then you must be looking for some easy way to clean your gold earrings at home. 

Your gold earrings can catch a speck of dirt or maybe a grease layer or even layers of shampoo and sweat. An infection is more likely if the skin surrounding your earrings becomes inflamed due to the dullness and tarnish caused by this deposit.

However, fear not! There are a plethora of fast and simple methods for disinfecting and shining your earrings once again.

How to Clean Gold Earrings at Home with Soap Water?

Gold earrings may be cleaned with moderate dish soap and water, just like diamonds.


  1. Fill a dish with warm water first. Mix in a small amount of mild soap to create a solution. Even dishwashing liquid is OK for making the solution.
  2. Put your gold earrings in here and let it soak for a while. Allow 15 to 20 minutes of soaking time.
  3. Allow it to dry out in the open air.
  4. Brushing the crevices with a soft-bristled brush can also remove debris. However, be careful not to scratch the gold earrings by vigorously rubbing it.
  5. Don’t forget to keep it in a safe place, such as a jewelry box.
  6. Soap water and a toothbrush can be used to clean gold earrings of any color.

You may also immerse your gold earrings in rubbing the alcohol for several minutes to remove dirt, grease, and filth.

However, this works best with simple pieces. If the gold earrings employ glue to keep stones in place, do not use this approach. Because of the alcohol, the adhesive might be destroyed.

How Do You Clean Gold Earrings with Water and Ammonia?

You may not have ammonia in your kitchen, but it’s inexpensive to buy and it will certainly bring the gold earrings back to life if the soapy water procedure didn’t completely work out.

If the item is extremely tarnished or has stubborn dirt regions, this method is quite useful. 


  1. Get started by combining warm water with a small amount of ammonia.
  2. And then allow your gold earrings to soak for 5 – 10 mins.
  3. To clean your gold earrings, use a gentle brush to remove dirt, then rinse thoroughly.

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How Often Do You Clean Gold Earrings?

It is recommended that you clean your gold earrings at least once a week. That’s plenty to keep your gold earrings clean and clear of dirt and germs, which may lead to illness, unpleasant odor, as well as debris that clings to earrings. Fortunately, it’s a simple practice to include into your daily routine. They may be cleaned with soap and water, an alcohol swab, and jewelry cleaning solution, and then reinserted into their holes after drying.

What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Gold Earrings?

Gold earrings shouldn’t be worn without cleaning for a longer duration to prevent infection. An infection may be diagnosed by the presence of swollen, reddened, pus-filled areas, as well as discomfort.

The best thing to do is to remove your gold earrings before going to sleep unless your earrings are brand fresh. And Sleep in the earrings may cause skin damage, headaches, allergic reactions, and even infection.

What Causes the Tarnishing of Gold Earrings?

After knowing the way of how to clean gold earrings, it’s necessary to know what causes them to tarnish in the first place. When it comes to gold earrings, there are a variety of factors that might cause it to lose its brilliance over time.

Using your gold earrings regularly is the number one reason for the tarnish that occurs. They lose their luster and glimmer as you wear them more frequently and for longer periods. But wait, there’s more. Many elements, including dirt makeup and common chemicals, can diminish the luster of gold.

Perfumes and moisturizers you use on your skin might tarnish your gold earrings, too. The chemical properties of gold used to make your jewelry is also a factor. Gold in its purest form, or 24k gold, is very pliable and prone to breakage.

It is blended with other metals, such as nickel, platinum, silver, zinc, and manganese, to make it strong enough for jewelry. Purities of gold like 22k, 18k, or 14k are determined by the amount of gold in relation to the other metals present in a certain alloy. Gold is a non-reactive metal that will not degrade on its own.

However, when exposed to oxygen and water, the other metals in the mixture react. These reactions have the potential to darken or discolor your gold earrings. Discoloration in gold alloys is caused by the metals employed in their production.

Cleaning Your Gold Earrings At Home Conclusions

You do not need special equipment to clean gold earrings at your home — just warm water, a small amount of dish soap, and a soft brush. Gold earrings can be cleaned with a soft brush and 15 minutes of soaking in warm soap water before being rinsed under cold water and dried flat with a microfiber towel.

In the same manner that yellow gold may be cleaned, rose gold or white gold can be cleaned. However, gold-plated jewelry must not be washed since it contains metal. A gentle buffing is required for certain semi-precious stones while others may be washed and cleaned. Having your gold earrings cleaned on a regular basis can maintain it in top condition.

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