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Is that special ring or necklace starting to show signs of wear? There is no need to buy expensive jewelry cleaners, so don’t stress! The majority of jewelry may be cleaned with things found around the house. All of these items are probably already in your possession.

Warning: Some jewelry can’t be cleaned using the same methods as other jewelry. When it comes to cleaning jewelry, gold and silver are more delicate than titanium or tungsten. Diamonds, on the other hand, are hard enough to withstand cleaning processes that would harm pearls and turquoise.

We’ll show you all household cleaning methods that you can use by clicking on the material of your jewelry.

Cleaning Your Gold Jewelry

Baking soda should never be used as a cleaning agent for pure gold, as it can tarnish and damage precious metal. Brushing your teeth with a brush is also discouraged.

When it comes to cleaning gold-plated jewelry, though, this method isn’t as long-lasting. In order to increase the strength of the jewelry while simultaneously increasing the tarnish risk, some other gold will have a small amount of strong metal alloys in it.

We recommend using a carefully prepared cleaner, like the Connoisseurs Precious Cleaning solution or Advanced Dazzle Drops, when cleaning gold jewelry, especially when it comes to wedding rings and other precious items. It is, nevertheless, feasible to clean your gold jewelry with soap and water:

  • Washing up liquid can be added to lukewarm water in small doses.
  • For up to 10 minutes, immerse your jewelry in the basin of water.
  • Gently scrub jewelry with a very soft bristles brush, paying special attention to any areas where dust may be hidden.
  • Remove any soap residue by thoroughly rinsing with fresh water.
  • Use a lint-free cloth to finish drying.

Diamond Jewelry Cleaning Tips & Tricks

However hard diamonds may be, that doesn’t mean they are indestructible. Wearing diamonds on a regular basis necessitates regular cleaning and maintenance. Natural oils and particles from the skin will ultimately diminish the shine of a diamond’s surface.

We suggest using Connoisseurs Dazzle Drops or even the Precious Jewelry Cleaner to clean diamond jewelry at home, and following the directions that come with them.

Take a Diamond Dazzle Stik with you and use it to polish your jewels on the go!

  • Wet the brush’s tip with clean water before using it.
  • Apply gel to diamonds, being sure to cover the entire stone and the setting with the brush.
  • Using plenty of warm water, properly clean the diamond.
  • Use a lint-free towel to dry and shine.

When it comes to cleaning diamonds, under-the-sink products aren’t recommended, however in a hurry you can perform the following:

  • Washing up liquid can be added to lukewarm water in small doses.
  • For up to 10 minutes, immerse your jewelry in the basin of water.
  • The best way to clean jewelry is using a soft bristles brush, especially if the item is in an elevated setting, where dirt might hide.
  • Keep an eye on the diamond jewelry while you polish the setting, and make sure the claws are in place and the mount is intact.
  • Remove any soap residue by thoroughly rinsing with fresh water.
  • A lint-free cloth should be used to dry and polish.

As a final piece of advice, we recommend that you take your diamond ring off while doing home tasks to avoid unnecessary exposure to dust.

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Stone Cleaning

Gemstones are the next item in our jewelry cleaning guide. With a range of colors to choose from, gemstones are an excellent idea to add a burst of color to any ensemble. You must clean your gemstones on a regular basis to preserve their brilliant colors and shine, but the method you use depends on the sort of gemstones you’re working with.

A lint-free towel can be used to dry most precious or semiprecious gemstones, but care must be taken not to bang and scratch the jewels. Connoisseurs Precious Cleaner or Sonic Dazzle Stik with Advanced Dazzle Drops are recommended for optimal results.

Due to the delicate nature of some stones, they demand special care and attention. Amber, Coral, Turquoise, Malachite, Onyx, Opal, Pearl, Emeralds, Tanzanite, and Peridot are just a few of the many gemstones that fall within this category. If you clean these stones with soap, you risk dulling their color and perhaps causing erosion. As a precaution, we suggest using the Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner and following all of its guidelines. After each wear, simply wipe the jewels with a warm, wet towel.

You should always take your gemstone jewelry off when doing home tasks to prevent exposure to dust and dirt, just like with diamonds.

How to Clean Pearls

Treating pearls with care is essential because they are among the most delicate gemstones.

Pear-shaped pearls have a smooth surface and are protected by a thin layer of nacre, which gives them their organic appearance. You must not use aggressive cleaning chemicals to clean pearls since they will remove the glossy outer coating as well as leave them dull.

Because of their porous nature, pearls should not be submerged for extended periods of time.

Good news: Wearing pearls actually improves their appearance! They will become more beautiful over time as your skin’s natural oils assist them to retain moisture, thereby enhancing their natural sheen.

Connoisseurs Dazzle Drops and these steps are the best approaches to clean your pearls.

  • You can use lukewarm water
  • Add about 10 Dazzle Drops to the mix.
  • Lightly massage the pearls with a soft cotton towel that has been soaked in the solution.
  • Clean water should be used for rinsing.
  • Use a lint-free cloth to finish drying.

To avoid stretching the silk string, you must thoroughly dry a strand of pearls after washing them (for example, a bracelet or necklace). Remember to air-dry your brushes after cleaning; it can actually take up to a week but is more commonly just an evening or two.

Finally, store your pearls in a separate location from your other jewelry to prevent them from being damaged.

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