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It is possible to buy a beautiful gold chain without any confirmation that it is in fact gold. The other possibility is that you’ve recently received an inheritance. What’s the difference between costume jewelry and real jewelry? Possibly gold vermeil, gold-plated, or gold-filled. Gold jewelry should be branded with the hallmark to ensure its authenticity. This would be ideal. Unfortunately, the truth is a little more convoluted than this simple statement suggests. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques to tell if gold jewelry is genuine. To determine if your gold chain is genuine or fake, there are a few procedures you can take.

How To Test Gold Chain With Bleach

A small amount of basic chlorine bleach (not one that is colorfast or perfumed) should be put in a glass dish and mixed with water. Make sure the gold chain is clean by scrubbing it with a toothbrush and dipping it in bleach. If you see any bubbles or changes in color on the item or even in the bleach solution, the item isn’t genuine gold at first. If it’s not gold-plated, it could be made of any other metal. The reaction might be so slight, it’s important to pay attention intently. Immediately after your experiment thoroughly rinse the object with cold running water to remove any remaining bleach residue.

If you use bleach to test your gold chain for authenticity, you could end up damaging it in the process. If you appreciate your chain, bleach should be the last option. There are many alternative ways to test your jewelry. Not a conclusive technique for testing your gold. You won’t be able to save your jewelry if you use bleach to clean gold-plated or other metal or stone-plated jewelry. Consequently, you need to exercise caution.

How Do You Test Gold Chain With Baking Soda?

It is impossible to verify the purity of gold just with baking soda. The nitric test includes a baking soda test. If you’re going to test with acid, you’ll want to do so in a well-ventilated room with safety gear like gloves and goggles. Each karat of gold can be tested with a variety of acid kits on the market. Acid kits come with nitric and other chemicals in each container. Black stone, gold item, as well as two bowls are required for this technique. There will be a baking soda with water solution in one bowl and a water-only solution in the other one. You should now mark the black stone with parallel markings (lines) using your object. Apply the lowest karat acid to the lines after the markings and wait 30 seconds before moving on. To finish, use baking soda as well as water solution to clean the stone, followed by plain water, and then a paper towel and tissue paper to dry it. It’s possible that the gold is plated or has a low purity if you see the line dissolving. If you don’t get a reaction, you have a higher karat item than the acid you are testing with.

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How To Test Gold Chain With A Magnet?

This is a simple test that can be done at home and requires only a few supplies. Gold, unlike most metals isn’t magnetic and will not attach to a magnet if it is in the form of a coin, bar, as well as a gold chain. If you have a powerful magnet, you can do this at home. Try using a magnet to pick up your gold chain. If you can check the jewelry to see if it includes any other metals besides silver or gold. Although gold is non-magnetic, it is not the only metal that is non-magnetic so a magnet test is not a fool proof method.

Test Gold Chain On A Ceramic Plate

Another quick and straightforward technique to test your gold chain is to drag it across a ceramic plate with your finger. Simply draw the gold on an unglazed ceramic tray, putting only a tiny amount of pressure on the drawing. Following this procedure, examine the ceramic for a gold mark and if you see a mark then the gold is genuine gold. Fake marks are marked with a black background; this indicates that the mark is not genuine.

Test Gold Chain With Make-Up

A liquid foundation can also be used at home to test your gold. When it comes to ensuring the gold’s purity, it may not be as dependable as other sources, but it’s good enough to tell if it’s real or false, anyway. Use your hand to apply a small amount of liquid foundation to your face and let it dry. Rub your gold on the place where the foundation has been placed. The gold is pure if that part turns black or if touching the gold leaves a mark behind. Sadly, we have to warn you that chain is not real if it doesn’t touch the region where the foundation has been placed.

Visit A Professional Like Gold Buyers USA

If you still cannot determine if your gold chain is real or not, it would be ideal to visit a professional. Gold Buyers USA uses state of the art equipment to test your gold down to the exact purity. We will test your gold free of charge and in the case that the gold is genuine, we will make you an offer to sell it.

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