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Almost everyone who routinely wears a chain has encountered a knotted necklace at least once in their lifetime. All of the time, we have customers who come to see us and ask us to unravel their knots for them. Despite the fact that we are delighted to assist, we understand not everybody wishes to make trips to a jewelry store merely to bring back a knotted chain from the store.

Fortunately, the procedure of untangling is actually rather simple and can be completed in the comfort of one’s own home! Some pointers to assist you untangle the necklaces at home are provided below:

Begin on a Level Surface

When trying to untangle a chain, it’s better to do so on a flat area to avoid tripping over your own feet. Even though you might be inclined to raise the knot closer to your eyes in order to see it more clearly, keeping the chain up will only lead to troubles. As a result, gravity is working against you, or you may find yourself dropping the necklace just as you are making some work on it. Instead, begin on a level surface such as your kitchen table to ensure a smooth transition.

How to Untangle a Necklace Using a Pin

Making use of pins can be an effective method of ‘pinpointing’ an issue when it comes to solving it directly. It’s a great method to understand how to remove a knot from a chain if you can find a small tool that you can use to help you.

Obtaining a pin, needle (for example, from a sewing kit), or tiny metal device such as eyebrow tweezers to begin learning how to unravel a necklace is an excellent place to begin learning this skill.

While being hands-on may seem like a good idea, it’s often a beginner mistake since our fingers get in to the way of learning how to successfully untangle a necklace or manage it gently without strain or force, which is what we want.

Using a Pin

Carefully aim to loosen the knots by inserting a pin in the center of the knot and gently prying the knot open.

Following your successful placement of the pinpoint, wriggle it around to see if shifting the chain links surrounding it results in a better placement. Depending on the situation, this may be sufficient to carefully unwind the knot and know how to untangle a chain. In the alternative, if you do have tweezers, enter one half into knot and then utilize the resistance of other prong to make a separation in order to extract the knot out of necklace.

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How to Untangle a Necklace Using Lubricant

Just like oil is used to ease kinks out of body during a massage, oil may be used to moisten the edges of a necklace and remove a knot from it in a similar manner. In order to understand how else to untangle a chain with oil, the most important thing is to go slowly and use only a small amount of oil.

A drop or two of oil is all that is needed to have an effect and loosen the clasp of a necklace chain, as opposed to massaging the entire surface area as you would do with massage.

Using a drop or two of oil (olive oil, or massage oil), dab directly on to knot of the necklace, either directly from bottle or using a cotton pad to target and dab.

Using Lubricant

Start with a few drops, and if it’s a really tight knot, rub the oil into it until the connections begin to relax. If required, bring back equipment such as a needle or tweezers to provide further assistance.

Keep in mind that you should be particularly cautious not to go excessive with the oil. In order to comprehend how to untie a necklace using oil, it’s important to avoid having slippery hands at all times. Oily fingertips will just make it more difficult to traverse the process of tying a necklace knot and will most likely worry you out!

How To Untangle a Necklace by Dusting it Off

As an alternative to using oil or pins because they are “too dirty” or “too delicate,” dusting the knot with a powder is another tried and tested method to untangle a necklace.

With baby powder as well as talcum powder, you can often find how to untangle a tangled necklace simply by softly dusting it over the knotted section of the necklace.

While powder is commonly thought of as a dry absorbing solution for the body, whenever it refers to fine jewelry, the dust actually goes both ways, lubricating and loosening the chains in the process.

Dusting it Off

Baby powder should be lightly sprinkled across the entire surface of necklace. Because the goal is to cover the chain, you can be as generous as you want. It really should loosen all links once they’ve been dusted, and you can then discover proper ways to untangle a chain by starting in the middle and working your way outwards from there using your fingers or a pin. If you are unsuccessful at first and find your necklace in a knot, coat the chain with more paint until you are successful.

It takes only a few drops of magic jewellery dust to transform your state of mind from “My necklace is knotted — help!” to “I don’t need to untangle a knot from a necklace anymore.”

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