What is Scrap Gold?

what is scrap gold
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Selling scrap gold is an easy method to get extra income. Precious metals dealers, pawn shops, and cash for gold stores are as widespread as convenience stores and retailers, making it easy to sell scrap gold. This article will discuss the price of gold scrap and how much is scrap gold worth along with who buys your scrap gold. 

What Exactly Is Scrap Gold?

Gold items that are no longer valuable in their original marketable shape or design can be brought to a refinery to be melted down and recycled into scrap gold. This type of gold is referred to as “scrap gold.” For instance, you have broken gold jewelry, gold from electrical circuit boards, or dental gold, this is considered scrap gold.

How Much Is Scrap Gold Worth?

The value of scrap gold is based on two factors purity and weight. If you have a mixture of scrap gold with different purities it is best to bring it to a gold refinery like Gold Buyers USA. We will melt your gold scrap together into one solid bar and then test the purity of the gold. Once we have the exact purity of your gold, we will weight it to determine the scrap gold value.

If you do not have a gold refinery near you, it is best to separate your gold scrap into piles based on purity. Most jewelry will be stamped with the purity of gold it was made from. Once you have separated your scrap you can use our gold calculator tool to determine the value of scrap gold.

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Who Buys Scrap Gold

Gold Buyers USA is your best option when you are ready to sell scrap gold. We operate our own gold refinery so you can be sure you are receiving the best price for your scrap gold. We buy scrap gold in any and all conditions. Your gold will be professionally tested for purity and you will than be given an offer based on the live gold price. The best part is we do not charge any fees or commissions. The offer we make you is the payment you will receive! Find out how easy it is to sell gold online today.

What Is The Price Of Scrap Gold?

Gold scrap is priced according to the live gold price. The gold market is known to be volatile, with prices frequently going up and down in a short period of time. The price of gold scrap you will receive is based on the market prices the day you sell your scrap gold. Visit our gold price page to view live market prices directly from the New York Exchange. We always recommend you check the current price when selling your gold to make sure you are maximizing your payout.

Sell Your Scrap Gold For The Best Price

We are the most reputable online gold buyers in the United States. Our selling process is fast, easy, and risk-free. Our prices for scrap gold are always based on the most up-to-date gold prices. The best part about selling your scrap gold to Gold Buyers USA is you will receive your payment immediately. Online sellers will be paid the same day their scrap gold arrives by bank wire. If you are selling scrap gold locally in Los Angeles you have the option to be paid in cash.

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