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Colored diamonds are sought after for their beauty and uniqueness, making them a valuable commodity. Prices per carat can vary widely depending on the color’s rarity, with the most vibrant and unusual stones costing the most.

Despite the fact that all diamonds come from the same place on Earth, they are not all made equal. Since the dawn of time, diamonds have captivated gemologists and smashed price records. Are there any diamonds that cost more than others? These are the most costly diamonds in history, as compiled by us.

Red Diamonds 

Among colored diamonds, red diamonds are the most sought-after, with only 20-30 of them known to exist in the world. Due to a unique process that alters the crystal structure and modifies how light passes through during development, rubies acquire their stunning red hue. Typically, red diamonds are just half a carat to the carat overall size because of this process’s rarity. 

Despite this, they are the most expensive colored diamonds per carat, costing an average of over $1 million each carat due to their scarcity and deep crimson color. For $8 million, the world’s largest red diamond, 5.11 carats, was purchased for $1.6 million for each carat. 

Orange Diamonds

Orange diamonds in their purest form are quite uncommon. Diamonds that have a yellowish orange hue are simpler to find. They can be as pale as a yellowish orange and as bright as a brilliant orange. These gorgeous gourmet oranges are much more of a collector’s item than anything else because the demand for them on the market is rather modest. A 5.54-carat Pumpkin is among the orange diamonds that has gained the greatest notoriety throughout the years.

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Green Diamonds

Fancy green diamonds are also among the rarest of all gems. Because there are so many green diamonds here on the market that have been given an artificial enhancement, knowing a diamond’s natural hue is essential to establishing its worth. The Dresden Green is widely regarded as one of the finest examples of a green diamond in existence.

Blue Diamonds 

It is possible that beautiful blue diamonds are really the second most valuable type of diamonds that may be purchased. Because they make up such a small percentage of all colored diamonds produced across the globe, blue diamonds are frequently connected with the notion of royalty. The color gradient goes from an extremely subdued blue to an eye-poppingly brilliant blue.

In the history of blue diamond sales, the most costly one was a 14.2 carat superb vivid blue diamond sold for $57.5 million at $3.9 million each carat. Currently held in the Smithsonian, the Hope Diamond weighs a whopping 45.2 carats and is thought to be worth approximately $250 million. At James Allen, you’ll find a wide variety of colored diamonds, as well as 360-degree views of each.

Diamonds in Pink Shade

Pink diamonds are quite popular due to their romantic and feminine qualities. In contrast to the highly limited availability of bright fancy pinks, pale pinks can be found in more abundance. The Argyle Mining Company in Australia is responsible for producing more than ninety percent of the pink diamonds that are mined worldwide. The most well examples of a pink diamond is the 59.60-carat Pink Star, which was once known as Steinmetz Pink. This diamond has a deep pink tint and an IF grading.

The cost per carat of these diamonds can vary widely based on the diamond’s size, color, and clarity, like other colored diamonds. Pink diamonds can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $700,000 per carat as a result of this. 

Yellow Diamonds

Most colored diamonds are yellow or brown, which account for more than half of the market share. Colored diamonds are still extremely rare, but their low price and brilliant color have made them the most sought-after of gemstones. Nitrogen is the key ingredient in yellow diamonds because it absorbs blue light and produces a brilliant yellow tint. Canary Yellow Diamonds, a frequent phrase for pure fancy yellow diamonds, are the most sought-after and expensive of all secondary colors. It is cheaper to buy a carat of yellow diamonds than some other colored diamonds since they are less rare. Light yellow diamonds can be less expensive than colorless diamonds of the same size, depending on the quality of the gems. A yellow diamond with good clarity and color can be expected to cost between $3,000 and $5,000 per carat on average. 

The cost of a single carat fancy bright yellow diamond can range from $8,000 to $16,000. When the 100.90-carat Graff Brilliant Yellow diamond sold for $16.3 m in 2020, it set the record for the most costly yellow diamond ever sold.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Given their scarcity, natural colored diamonds are extremely expensive, but synthetic colored diamonds can be a more cost-effective option. When compared to naturally mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are identical in every way except for the fact that they are created at elevated temperatures in a laboratory rather than deep underground. Because of this, lab-created diamonds can have the same color variations as natural diamonds but in far bigger quantities.

 As a point of reference, a synthetic one-carat blue diamond costs on average $8500, whereas a mined one costs $200,000 per carat. As a result of their decreased environmental impact and assurance of ethical sourcing, lab-grown diamonds are an excellent substitute for mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds can be used to create magnificent jewelry at a low price.

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