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Juice Wrld Jewelry Collection 

The American rapper known as Juice Wrld had a net worth of $4 million at the time of his death. Did you know that Anthony “Juice WRLD” Higgin, the legendary rap musician whose album “Goodbye & Good Riddance” is one of the most popular albums of all time, possesses one of the most well-known bling collections in the entire world?

He has every piece of iced-out clothing that can be imagined. Icy timepieces, bracelets, glasses, pendants, rings, earrings, chains, Grillz, you name it, he owns it all!

The fact that the young rapper can effortlessly pull off both a classy and understated appearance, as well as a loud and ostentatious one, is one of the things about him that astounds us the most.


These are the three pieces from his jewelry collection that caught our eye the most, and we thought we’d share them with you.

Pendant with a Juice World Heart

The fact that Juice WRLD is seen wearing this pendant is evidence that he is one of the few artists who can pull off wearing a variety of iced-out jewelry, including rings earrings, and everything else in between. This is a reflection of the fact that Juice WRLD is one of the rare artists who really can pull off wearing all of these items.

This Broken Heart Skull Chain is, in both our view and the view of a great many other people, the most impressive item in his collection.

It consists of a skull that is sandwiched in between a broken heart that is colored purple and is attached to a gold chain link that has the numeral “999” on it. It manages to be both stylish and witty at the same time.

Juice Wrld Skull 999 Pendant 


It’s a giant skull that’s been covered in enormous diamonds that shine so brightly that looking at them makes you temporarily lose your vision. It has the numerals “999” inscribed on it.

If you are a fan of juice wrld and consider yourself more of an adventurer than a smooth operator, this pendant can be the perfect accessory for you.

Club Logo Pendant

This pendant, which is part of Juice WRLD’s collection, is by far the most elegant of the bunch. The fact that it may be worn by anyone, provided that they are dressed in solid-colored garments, is the primary reason that we appreciate it more than any other piece.

We were motivated to build a replica of the 999 club pendant by Juice WRLD’s actual necklace, which consisted of 24K gold-plated skulls with the words “999 Club” engraved on white gold plates. The pendant we constructed was a replica. People who are not fans of Juice WRLD but are fans of the design are interested in purchasing it since it is so fashionable.

When you go to a party wearing this pendant, you will be showered with compliments the entire time, and they won’t stop coming. We are willing to wager that at least one person will commend you on how tastefully the digits “999” have been combined with the word “club.”

Pearl Channel Necklace

This pearl necklace, which was featured on juice world, is one of the most well-known pieces in his extensive jewelry collection. This excellent reproduction of the drip that has been worn on some of the largest stages in the world can be yours.


The lavish jewelry collection that Juice WRLD has is more than simply a status symbol to him, which is why he spends so much money on displaying it. It also serves as a reminder of his accomplishments to him.

Therefore, he shells out hundreds of thousands of dollars on flashy accessories not only to show off his wealth but also to serve as a constant reminder to himself that he has arrived. That all of his efforts have been successful, and that he is now living out his goal.

Juice Wrld Watches


The paperwork indicate that the value of Juice WRLD’s estate is $3,278,867.49. Surprisingly, out of that enormous sum, 459,318.75 dollars was spent on watches and jewels as investments.

In addition, the late rapper was the owner of a condo in Miami with a value of $1,490,000, as well as multiple bank accounts that were filled with cash. When Juice WRLD passed away, he left one of his bank accounts with a balance of $1,001,515.68.

Chandelie, a Royal Oak Chronograph

What is the price of Juicewrld’s Royal Oak Chronograph?

Price: $235,000.00 USD

Jarad Higgins, better known by his stage name “Juice Wrld,” is an American rapper. He was frequently seen wearing a 41mm Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph “Chandelier” in 18k pink gold that was totally afterset with over 70ct of baguette diamonds. Unfortunately, he passed away just 21 years old the year before last.

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