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Lil Baby’s net worth is projected to be 4.5 million dollars as of October 2022. Lil Baby is a big fan of luxury jewelry pieces. The list includes his name “Lil baby” pendant, QC chain, Lil zombie pendant, and his other favorite 4PF pendant. In this detailed post on Lil baby’s jewelry collection, we will have a look at his luxury watches such as AP watches, and Patek Philippe Nautilus watches along with RM 011 and RM 030. His pure diamond earrings are also included in the list.

Lil Baby’s Pendants & Chains

You can read about the rappers each piece of custom jewelry and crafted pendants and chains below

How much do Lil baby’s chains cost?

In his 4 piece set discussed below, Lil Babby is said to have purchased the custom set for just over $100,000. In order to take things a step further, Lil Baby crafted his very own one-of-a-kind chain that just bears his name. It comes with a price tag of $25,000 due to its enormous size and lavish diamond embellishment. However, the diamond tennis chain that was linked to it cost him an additional $15,000, bringing the total cost of the piece to about $50,000.

The Lil Baby Pendant

Being here, now, and on top of your game are three of the most important things in hip-hop culture. As a rapper, Lil Baby wants his followers to believe that he has attained a significant amount of success. By adorning himself in gaudy, attention-grabbing jewelry, he is sending the message that he is wealthy and successful.

A hip-hop artist’s style is said to be a direct reflection of the artist’s personality, at least according to Lil baby. As a rapper, the primary reason I want to feature dazzling jewelry pieces in my music videos and songs is so that I may give the impression to my listeners and viewers that I am wealthy and succesful.

Aside from material possessions, it is also a measure of how far I have progressed in life. I utilize the jewelry that I wear to convey not only who I am but also the basic principles and beliefs that I have.

QC Chain

It’s no secret that rappers and other hip-hop figures love their QC Chains, but Lil Baby’s could just be one of the cleanest examples around. According to Lil Baby, the extremely hefty item features rose gold and white gold Cuban link as well as a massive pendant that is covered in diamonds and gold on every inch of its surface.

Baby mentioned that he puts on this pendant whenever he is going out, and it is clear to see why he does so. Even in a packed nightclub, it is impossible not to notice the piece because it is of the type that stands out immediately.

In addition to this, it is linked to a massive Cuban chain that is suitable for a monarch. Overall, the sculpture cost Baby a grand total of one hundred thousand dollars to purchase.

4PF Pendant

The 4pf pendant that Lil Baby wears around his neck is a representation of his membership in the rap group Four Pockets Full. The diamonds that make up the pendant are intended to stand in for the four people that make up the group. 

Additionally, the pendant is a representation of Lil Baby’s prosperity and accomplishments in business. He does so in order to always be reminded of his roots and the things he has achieved in his life. The 4pf pendant that Lil Baby wears around his neck is a sign that the Bloods gang is affiliated.

The gang’s signature shade of red is frequently shown on the pendant. The term “Four Pocket Full” (sometimes written as “4pf”) indicates that the gang member in question has four pockets stuffed with illegal substances.

Additionally, the pendant is occasionally worn by members of the gang who have committed a murder. The initials “4pf” are an abbreviation for “Pray for Peace,” which are displayed on a pendant that Lil Baby wears.

In many interviews, he stated that he acquired the necklace after the passing of his close buddy, who had been slain by gunfire. Lil Baby has stated that he intends to make use of his position in order to promote a message of nonviolence and peace.

The MCing, DJing, graffiti writing, and break dancing are referred to as the “Four Pillars” of hip hop. These are the aspects of culture that are generally seen as being indispensable to the hip-hop subculture. This pendant worn by Lil Baby makes an allusion to these pillars of hip-hop culture, and it serves as evidence of his commitment to the community.

Lil Baby Zombie Necklace

Following the creation of a one-of-a-kind CryptoNite Bandana for Blueface, Avianne & Co. has returned with a brand new diamond-encrusted neckpiece for the up-and-coming artist Lil Baby.

The one-of-one item was released not long after the release of his most recent My Turn tune, titled “Sum 2 Prove.” It consists of two separate pieces: the Baby Zombie Pendant and the Bandana Infinity Link Chain.

Alex Moss, Creative Director of Avianne & Co., was in charge of the design of the pendant. Joe Avianne, Creative Director of Avianne & Co., conceived the concept of the chain, and Izzy Avianne, Creative Director of Avianne & Co., personally sourced all of the diamonds that were utilized.

The Baby Zombie Pendant contains a diamond-accented blue enamel bandana, finely created accessory embellishments, and a pair of authentically rendered Nike Air Force 1s. It is based on components found on a blue paisley bandana and the rap pseudonym of Lil Baby.

The Bandana Infinity Link Chain maintains the usage of blue enamel throughout its construction, which is comprised of alternating links that are covered in high-quality diamonds.

How Much is Lil Baby’s Zombie Necklace?

According to Avianne & Co., the Baby Zombie Bandana Infinity Link Chain worn by Lil Baby has over 5,800 diamonds and a total weight of 375 grams of 14k gold that is covered with diamonds. The Baby Zombie Bandana Infinity Link Chain weighs a total of 60 carats. Lil baby’s baby diamond necklace costs upwards of $60,000.

Lil Baby’s Collection of Luxury Watches

At the beginning of the night, our hero embarked on a voyage that began with two pieces that, on their own, would have brought him to the summit of Mount Schwarzkopf.

Lil Baby’s Patek Philippe Nautilus

On one of his wrists was a Patek Philippe Nautilus watch, which featured a diamond-encrusted chronograph that was so heavily covered in stones that it was almost impossible to identify.

How Much is Lil Baby’s Patek Philippe?

Patek Philippe nautilus of worth $400,000.

Lil Baby’s Rolex Datejust II

The second watch was a Rolex Datejust II, which was released in 2009 as a more robust alternative to the standard Datejust. Although Rolex eventually discontinued that model in 2016 and replaced it with the “Datejust 41,” the Datejust II continues to be a popular choice among celebrities such as Lil Baby and NBA all-stars like Damian Lillard.

How Much is Lil Baby’s Rolex Datejust?

The Rolex Datejust 41 possesses a worth of $15000.

Lil Baby’s Richard Mille Watches

James Harden, a renowned player in the NBA, made it to Lil Baby’s birthday party, and he brought the heat with him.

According to Lil Baby, the true value of Harden’s gift was hidden inside a Prada bag with the inscription “because he’s proud of me”. The bag contained a Richard Mille RM 030 watch that was valued at over $150,000 and $100,000 in cash.

During that same evening, a video was made in which Lil Baby can be seen stopping before dumping the watch to make the sign of the cross. He then proclaims, “Sh*t just got serious.” A day with not one but two Richards.

The RM 011 and the RM 030 of Lil Baby

The very first Richard was a blue-hued variant of RM 011 and was a present from his girlfriend Jayda Cheaves. 200K, wrote Lil Baby on his Instagram account. The Wham finished with a score of 1 out of 12. The watch may be extremely hard to find because representatives from RM were unable to determine whether or not it was manufactured in the United States. Instead, they speculated that it was a limited edition that was offered for sale in Europe, the Middle East, or Asia.

A man after my own heart, Lil Baby, couldn’t wait to put on his new watches when they arrived. Therefore, he promptly exchanged his Datejust and Nautilus watches for his new Richard Mille timepieces, thereby concluding his horological tour of duty.

Lil Baby’s Audemars Piguet Watches

Watches are fantastic pieces of jewelry to add to your collection since not only are they fashionable, but they also serve a practical purpose. And if you are in a position where you can afford to be frivolous with your money, why not treat yourself to two? For each of his wrists, Lil Baby purchased a genuine Audemars Piguet diamond watch as well as a diamond watch that was manufactured specifically for him.

 This prioritizes appearance over functionality, which is another piece of evidence that he is only interested in showing off. Lil Baby disclosed that he spent a whopping $60,000 on the AP watch by itself, and then added that he spent even more on the other because it was custom-made from scratch, which brings the total amount spent to even more than $100,000. It is not out of the question to assume that the rapper spent six figures on that watch by itself.

Lil Baby’s Earrings

Earrings, despite their relatively diminutive size, are among the most costly of all of Lil Baby’s jewelry pieces. Because he recently dropped fifty thousand dollars on a pair of enormous diamond earrings that he never takes off, Lil Baby is fully aware of this fact.

He then went on to describe how he numbed his lobes with ice cubes, obtained some vodka, and pierced it himself using a stud that was already in his ear. Because of his dedication, he can now adorn his earlobes with enormous diamond pebbles. This was a worthwhile investment.

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