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Lil Wayne is a rapper, singer, and songwriter with a $175 million net worth. We are here with Lil Wayne’s jewelry collection and the list includes his portrait necklace, young money pendant, sky dweller oyster perpetual, his amazing diamond teeth, earning, and double-sided ring.

In this article we will discuss exactly how much Lil Wayne’s jewelry costs and who the jeweler is for each.  

Lil Wayne’s Portrait Necklace

An art student who was given a contract to construct a gold necklace for Lil Wayne has indicated that the money from the sale of the necklace will go a long way toward helping her pay for her studies. Lil Wayne commissioned the student to make the necklace for him after seeing the student’s work.

According to Joy Bonfield-Colombara, a resident of south-east London, who is currently studying at the Royal College of Art despite the fact that tuition there is £9,500 a year, she is having difficulty making ends meet financially. In spite of this, she received an email from a friend of the American artist Lil Wayne who wished to buy him a birthday present just as she was beginning to have second thoughts about finishing her schooling.

After the rapper was shown on television wearing the necklace, which was crafted of 18-karat gold in the shape of his face and had two diamonds for the singer’s characteristic teardrop tattoos, the artist, who goes by the trading name Joy BC and is 29 years old, has become famous online.

Who Made The Lil Wayne’s Portrait Necklace?

Jeweler: Student Joy BC

Lil Wayne’s Young Money Necklace

Lil Wayne is now developing a glacier on the back of his neck. The leader of Young Money has entrusted celebrity jeweler Eliantte with the task of creating a large chain that bears the emblem of his organization. The initials YM are carved into the surface of the iced-out pendant, which is entirely encrusted in glittering diamonds.

Famous celebrity jeweler Elliot Eliantte fashioned a colossal, one-of-a-kind diamond pendant in the shape of the Young Money record label’s emblem for Lil Wayne to wear as a symbol of both his appreciation and gratitude for the label’s role in his rise to the heights of success that he has achieved. As can be seen in the photo that he made on Instagram, it is far larger than Eliannte’s hand, and it is entirely covered in genuine diamonds and yellow gold.

How Much Did Lil Wayne’s Young Money Necklace Cost? 

Price: $24,000,000

Who Made The Young Money Necklace?

Jeweler: Eliantte

Lil Wayne’s Diamond Grillz

As the popularity of the genre increased, there was an increase in the amount of bling. Accessories that were commonplace among rappers included the iconic rope gold chain as well as four-finger rings of various styles. And as time went on, a growing number of artists became a part of this style of music, indicating that it was not a genre unique to musicians of color who were involved in the music scene.

At the same time, the culture and the jewelry both continued to grow. Grillz are pieces of jewelry that are worn over the teeth. Musicians such as Lil Wayne were instrumental in popularizing this trend. In addition to this, the vast majority of rappers began to wear jewelry that was unique to them and personalized in some way.

How Much Did Lil Wayne’s Grillz Cost? 

Price: $150,000

Who Made Lil Wayne’s Diamond Grillz

Jeweler: Ben Baller
Elliot Avianne, Gabriel Jacobs, and Ben Baller are just a few of the most well-known jewelers in the hip-hop industry, and they are responsible for making all of this possible.

Lil Wayne’s Diamond Stud Earrings

An old adage asserts that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and this notion has been associated with diamonds. In recent years, there has been a significant movement in this perception, which may be attributed, in large part, to the rise in the number of male rappers who wear gold and diamond chains.

Rap artists have since the 1990s, taking a great deal of delight in flashing their ostentatious jewelry and accessories. This includes everything from a diamond watch to a set of grills coated with studs. At this very moment, the jeweler is giving a presentation in which he is showcasing some of the most recent works that he has completed for his exceedingly wealthy clients.

Lil Wayne’s Double-Sided Ring

A few days after he displayed the collection of Young Money chains and pendants, Eliantte published a second video in which he displayed another piece that Weezy stole from the label. When Wayne commissioned him to make a one-of-a-kind ring for him, he specified that he wanted something unique and unusual.

It is important to him that his jewelry serve more than one purpose. Both the chain and his rings need to have a variety of functions in order to be appropriate for summertime wear. Dopeness cannot be denied when it comes to the brand-new double-sided three-finger ring that Lil Wayne recently purchased. Additionally, it has a significant emotional significance for the rap artist.

The phrase “Hi Mom” is emblazoned across one face of the dazzling new addition to his collection. The lettering on the ring transforms into “Cita” when you turn it over, which is a nickname that Weezy’s mother goes by.   

Who Made Lil Wayne’s Double-Sided Ring?

Jeweler: Eliantte

Lil Wayne’s Diamond Beats Headphones

It is common knowledge that Lil Wayne is a devoted fan of Dr. Dre headphones, and the fact that he has been photographed wearing a pair of Beats headphones that are adorned with diamonds adds credence to this belief. It is widely known that the sparkling headpiece cost the Young Money Cash Money star somewhere in the vicinity of one million dollars.

The headphones, which are called the Carter IV’s and are hand-crafted by the company specifically for him, are covered in diamonds in a magnificent pattern. Additionally, the company made them exclusively for him.

Wayne also possesses several additional pairs of the company’s headphones; however, these headphones do not have diamonds embedded in them because he believes that having just one set of those headphones is sufficient.

How Much Were Lil Wayne’s Diamond Beats?

Cost: $1,000,000

Who Made Lil Wayne’s Diamond Beats?

Made By: Graff

Lil Wayne’s Diamond Studded Lighter

Lil Wayne is presented with a one-of-a-kind diamond-studded iced-out lighter.

Over the course of his career, Lil Wayne has established a reputation for his lighter flick. When a listener hears the sound of a lighter being flicked, they immediately know that Lil Wayne is ready to go off.

At the tail end of 2017, Lil Wayne reclaimed his position as the most successful artist in his field. Up until 2014, Wayne remained one of the most prominent figures in the industry.

In a video that was uploaded earlier this afternoon, Lil Wayne was shown being presented with a present. Some designers presented Lil Wayne with a present.

Since the designers were big Lil Wayne fans, they decided to give him a specialized lighter as a gift. It was an homage to each and every verse that Lil Wayne had performed on the single, which he had dominated. In recognition of Lil Wayne’s efforts, an iced-out lighter was presented to him. Wayne was presented with a really fine lighter that had diamonds inlaid into it. This was a really pricey lighter.

In the center of its body was a cross that was carved, and it was covered all over with crystal diamonds that came from every direction.

Lil Wayne’s Luxury Watch Collection

Lil Wayne has a long list of luxury watches, including Rolex watches, Chopard and more. Below we cover some of the most sought-after watches that he wears.

Rolex Sky-Dweller Oyster Perpetual

In the music video for Ray J’s song “Brown Sugar,” rapper Lil Wayne can be seen donning a yellow gold Rolex Sky-Dweller Oyster Perpetual watch.

The watch is made entirely of gold, including the case, the dial, and the band. The Sky-Dweller has a subdial with a red triangle that constantly points to the time at home, while its traditional hands may be set to a second-time zone. This allows the wearer to keep track of two different times simultaneously.

Because the annual calendar deftly differentiates between months with 30 and 31 days, you won’t need to reset your calendar every other month to account for the difference. The movable bezel of the Ring Command makes it possible to set its functions quickly and easily.

How Much Did Lil Wayne’s Rolex Sky-Dweller Cost? 

Price: $17,500

Chopard Watch

Rapper Lil’ Wayne has had a career spanning 13 years and has amassed about 6 million album sales. Additionally, he is the recipient of a Grammy Award.

But the diamond-encrusted Chopard watch worth $1 million that he received as a present for his 27th birthday must have been the cherry on top of the cake.

Lil’ Wayne’s record label, Cash Money Records, is run by Lil’ Wayne’s buddy and business partner, Brian “Birdman” Williams. Williams gave Wayne the wristwatch as a birthday present. According to the photographer Derick G., the piece came from Chopard and was a custom order. According to Luxist, he commented that Lil Wayne Loved it.

How Much Did Lil Wayne’s Chopard Watch Cost? 

Price: $1,000,000

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