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Pop Smoke Jewelry Collection

Pop Smoke’s estimated net worth was $1.4 million. In recent years, we’ve lost a number of stars, but the passing of rap icon Pop Smoke really hit us hard. The songs and look that made the Brooklyn rapper famous will remain on long after his untimely death in 2020.

Smoke (Bashar Barakah Jackson) was no stranger to wearing some of the most lavish items on the market, and his immediately recognizable chains and pendants won him a status as the most stylish rapper. He must be incredibly gifted to be able to spit bars like that and yet have time to amp up his wardrobe.

Let’s check out some of his most expensive stuff so you may start your own collection and pay homage to a true legend of hip-hop.

Who was Pop Smoke?

Pop Smoke’s tragic death was shrouded in mystery and controversy, so even if you’re not familiar with hip hop, you’ve undoubtedly heard of him. The rapper was shot and died at a Los Angeles rented home in February of 2020.

The 20-year-old creator had already established himself as a major player in the hip-hop scene prior to that. Inspiring a whole new generation of composers to work hard and follow their passion with songs like “Invincible” and “For the Night,” among many others, he rose to fame from quite modest beginnings. Pop Smoke was a pioneer in the development of drill music, a subgenre of trap characterized by gloomy lyrics and scary instrumentals.

It’s the kind of music that can be played at a club, a rave, or even a gym to get people pumped up and ready to work out.

“Woo Star” Pendants

What is the cost of Pop smoke’s Woo star pendant?

Cost: $18,000

Who made the Pop Smoke’s Woo Star pendant?

Made By: Benny

At the time of his passing, Pop Smoke was in the process of creating a new album before he went away. And because the vocals had already been recorded, all that was left to do to finish the product was a little amount of mixing and some sound editing.

When the album was finally finished being recorded in July of 2020, all of Smoke’s close friends and relatives got together to be the first to listen to it. Famous celebrity jeweler Benny the Jeweler created some one-of-a-kind “Woo Star” pendants to mark the occasion and present them to Smoke’s closest friends and family members as a token of appreciation.

Mike Dee, Smoke’s brother, was one of them, along with four other men who were all affiliated with the same record label. The word pendant is covered in 20 carats of VS diamonds, which have one of the highest possible clarity grades for diamonds.

In addition, every component is constructed entirely out of solid gold. So, what was the grand total on the receipt? Approximately $18,000 each.

3D Self-Portrait Image Pendant

Who made Pop smoke’s 3D self-portrait image pendant?

Made By: Benny

At the same event when the album was being launched, Benny presented Smoke’s girlfriend, Alyssa Danielle, with some extra unique and customized jewelry. She was not given simple text jewelry but rather an image pendant of Pop Smoke’s face that was extremely detailed.

Enamel was painted by hand to create the enormous pendant, and VVS diamonds were used to line the margins of the pendant’s frame. Even though he is not here with us longer, this presents the ideal opportunity for her to continue to hold Smoke in a place of prominence in her heart.

Pop Smoke Custom Pendant

His very own Pop Smoke bespoke pendant was one of the most recognizable pieces of jewelry that Smoke ever wore, and he wore it around his neck.

Although some people would consider it to be nothing more than an extremely pricey name tag, we consider this item to be representative of much more than that. When you are able to wear something that only labels your alias and still have it function, it tells a lot about you as a person.

Pop Smoke is now a well-known figure, and he used to put on this pendant so that people would be reminded of who he used to be and how far he’s come in his career. The actual piece was a timeless pendant in the form of a golden word that was encrusted with diamonds on each and every letter.

Even if we do not know the precise price of this item, we are able to estimate that it was quite pricey due to the fact that he has a liking for expensive jewelry in general.

92 Custom Pendant

You are not losing your mind if you see a pattern emerging here. Pendants were unquestionably Pop Smoke’s go-to choice when it came to jewelry, and we can surmise that this was likely due to the fact that he enjoyed using them to narrate a tale in much the same way as he enjoyed doing so through his music.

The number “92” on his pendant was meant to be a symbol of 92nd street in Brooklyn, New York, on which he was born and reared. This enormous, weighty, and eye-catching piece is befitting for a king like Smoke because it is encrusted with diamonds and features hefty diamond-encrusted numbers that rest on a solid gold and diamond backdrop.

We also do not know how much he spent on this sculpture, but based on the number of dollar signs used, we can surmise that a significant amount was involved. 

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