Austrian Silver Philharmonic (2008-Date)

Austrian Silver Philharmonics Coin

The silver coin honoring the Austrian Philharmonic has swiftly become one of the silver coins that is possessed by the most people all over the world. It is well-liked among investors in Europe, and more and more of it is making its way over the Atlantic Ocean and into the vaults of North American banks.

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Austrian Silver Philharmonics Coin Size & Specs

Mint Date2008-Date
Face Value1.5 Euro
Weight1 Troy Oz
Diameter37 mm
Thickness3.2 mm

Austrian Silver Philharmonics Value

The Philharmonic coins are one of the investment-grade coins that are struck the most often all over the world. Alongside the United States Silver Eagle, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, the United Kingdom Silver Britannia, and the Chinese Silver Panda, the Philharmonic Coin is consistently ranked as one of the most famous silver coins in circulation in the world.

Because of the coin’s widespread appeal among collectors and investors in silver, the silver philharmonic is a solid investment for anybody looking to liquidate their silver holdings. When it comes to investing in bullion, liquidity is a crucial component to consider. One of the most effective strategies to ensure that the assets have a good demand is to purchase highly known sovereign coins.

It is not necessary to pay sales taxes while purchasing philharmonic silver coins in Canada because they are considered to be a bullion product, and premiums are often affordable. As an investor, one of your primary concerns should be keeping track of their expenses and ensuring that they are purchasing the bullion with the lowest overall price.

Austrian Silver Philharmonics Melt Value


How To Invest In Austrian Silver Philharmonics Coins

Since their introduction in 2008, Austrian Silver Philharmonics has seen a meteoric rise in popularity, propelling them to the position of being Europe’s most popular silver bullion coin in terms of sales volume. Investors and collectors from all around the world acquire millions of Philharmonics each year after they are produced by the manufacturer. They are the only bullion piece that is denominated in euros, even though Austria is the only country that recognizes them as legal money.

The chief engraver at the Austrian Mint, Thomas Pesendorfer, developed the pictures that appear on Silver Philharmonic coin in 1989. These designs highlight the nation’s rich heritage of musical culture. You will find a depiction of Great Organ from a few of Austria’s most renowned music venues, The Golden Hall, on the reverse side of the coin.

On the other side of the coin is depicted an assortment of orchestral instruments, some of which include a french horn, harp, cello, plus four violins. The inscriptions on coin are printed in German, which is Austria’s official language. The inscriptions may be seen on each sides of the coin.

History of The Austrian Silver Philharmonic

The Austrian Mint debuted the silver philharmonic for the first time in the year 2008, although the gold version of the coin, which features the identical design, has been in production since the year 1989. However, Philharmonic coins are not first silver coins produced by the mint. During the time of the Holy Crusades, in the year 1194 A.D., it was established with the money that was used to ransom King Richard of England. The 12 tons of the silver that were ransomed from English monarch were used by the Austrian Mint to manufacture 100,000 coins, which started a minting tradition that lasted for nearly 800 years. A history of European currency includes the Austrian Mint, which plays an essential role in that history.

Long before the mint began producing philharmonic silver, Maria Theresa Taler was perhaps the piece that brought it the most fame. The first coins were struck in 1740, and to this day, the Austrian Mint is responsible for their production. In contrast to the silver philharmonic, this coin is only 83.3 percent silver and contains just 0.752 troy ounces of precious metal. The remaining copper content makes up the difference between the two. Despite this, it continues to be a favorite among collectors, and even at one point in history, German-speaking countries used to use it as their official trading currency.

Sell Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coins

To receive the greatest price for your Austrian Philharmonic, selling it at Gold Buyers USA is nearly always the best option. It’s because running a business online is considerably more cost-effective than managing a big network of actual, brick-and-mortar shops, as we’ve highlighted in several evaluations of jewelry stores we’ve written. They can afford to bring a smaller profit margin because of the reduced operational costs. Austrian Philharmonic sellers should expect to earn a greater price than they would from brick-and-mortar stores, as a result of this.

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