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Where Is the Best Place to Sell David Yurman Jewelry?

Are you looking at selling your David Yurman jewelry? The best place to sell David Yurman jewelry is Gold Buyers USA. Gold Buyers USA has been in business for 40 years, and our employees are experts with David Yurman jewelry. Our company has built an incredible reputation for being a trusted place to sell jewelry. We buy jewelry nationwide so anyone interested in selling jewelry outside of Los Angeles can sell to us, we will also provide free shipping and insurance.

At Gold Buyers USA, we buy David Yurman jewelry from you. Our employees are well-educated about the current resale prices, which means that you will be offered a fair price that reflects the market. Gold Buyers USA is the trusted buyer for your David Yurman jewelry. One of the benefits of Gold Buyers USA is that we will beat or match any legitimate offers you might get out there. When you send your jewelry to Gold Buyers USA, we will inspect the jewelry the same day we receive it. We will also issue payment for the jewelry on the same day through bank wire.

How Much Is David Yurman Jewelry Worth?

Currently, a Round Cut Link bracelet can be bought for as high as $2,900, while a Round Cut Tennis bracelet can be bought for as high as $1,800. The Platinum diamond engagement ring can be bought for $4850, and an 18k Figaro Chain necklace turquoise & Pearl pendant costs $3450.

David Yurman is a luxury brand and at Gold Buyers USA we offer you the best price for your jewelry. We understand that prices vary depending on the materials used and design. Gold Buyers USA knows the value of your David Yurman jewelry, and we are ready to make you the best offer. We will buy your jewelry and keep you assured that we respect the value of every David Yurman piece. Rest assured you will receive the best price for your David Yurman jewelry when you sell to Gold Buyers USA.

When Is the Best Time to Sell David Yurman Jewelry?

David Yurman jewelry never runs out of style. For over 42 years, David Yurman has become the popular choice for jewelry lovers. When reselling David Yurman jewelry, every time is an excellent time to sell your jewelry.

If you want to sell your David Yurman jewelry, now is best to sell to Gold Buyers USA. You can sell your David Yurman jewelry to Gold Buyers USA, and you will be sure that you will be paid as soon as it is valued. We buy all your David Yurman jewelry, including the David Yurman 18k jewelry, David Yurman Diamond Engagement Rings, and a combination of David Yurman silver and gold jewelry

Find out how easy it is to Sell Designer Jewelry by calling us at (877) 752-8484.

What Factors Can Affect the Value of My David Yurman Jewelry?

If you are looking for where to sell your David Yurman jewelry, it is important to know your pieces’ value before selling them to ensure you get a fair price. You can trust us for a fair retail price, but you must be able to know what will affect the value of your David Yurman jewelry as you think of selling it.

If you are considering selling your David Yurman jewelry, you must know that the following factors should be considered:

  • Condition: Check if it is still in good condition. Ensure that the jewelry is well-maintained. You will get the best value for your David Yurman piece if the piece is in good condition.
  • Popularity: The popularity of the design also matters greatly. Always know the popularity of the collection you want to resell. If your design is popular, you will know that your pieces will be valued higher. 
  • Materials: The metal and stones used for the jewelry will contribute to the value. You must know the material beforehand. If your jewelry is made of Topaz, the price will differ from an 18k gold piece.
  • Rarity: Determine if it is a common or rare design. If your jewelry design is rare, it will place a high value on the piece.
  • Box and certificate: The jewelry will be more valued and easier to sell to a new owner if you have the original box. Keep the original box in a good place and ensure the certificate is in good condition.

How Much Is a David Yurman Bracelet?

David Yurman bracelet can range from several hundreds of dollars to more than $1,000, depending on the stones used. Gold Buyers USA can buy your Hampton 18k gold pearl bracelet for the best price. The Confetti 18k gold pave 3-row bracelet can also be bought.

We know that David Yurman bracelets are always a luxury fashion piece, and at Gold Buyers USA, we also buy the 16-row multi-chain 18k gold bracelet for immediate cash. We also offer the best price for a Renaissance 14k gold sterling cuff bracelet.

Gold Buyers USA offers you the best prices for your David Yurman bracelets. Fill out the sell form on this page to get started.

How Much Is David Yurman Ring?

David Yurman rings are mostly engagement rings, starting from $200 upward. The David Yurman Paveflex diamond band can be bought for $2250. Also, the Platinum diamond engagement ring is worth $4850.

Gold Buyers USA also offers you the best price for your David Yurman rings. Get started today by filling out our sell David Yurman form on this page.

What David Yurman Jewelry Do You Buy?

We buy all David Yurman jewelry at Gold Buyers USA for immediate payment. When you are ready to sell your jewelry, we will get you the best offer for your jewelry.

Asides from David Yurman rings and bracelets, we buy David Yurman pendants and necklaces like the 18k Figaro Chain necklace turquoise & Pearl or Quatrefoil station necklace 18k gold & sterling.

We also buy David Yurman earrings like Renaissance 18k garnet amethyst or Albion Citrine 18k & sterling stud earrings.

If you are in Los Angeles, California, and its environs, you can walk into any of our two stores to sell your jewelry. Local sellers have the option to be paid in cash. The address is Downtown LA: 607 S Hill St Suite 241B, Los Angeles, CA 90014) & (South Bay: 16916 Hawthorne Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260

History of David Yurman Jewelry

David Yurman started his jewelry brand in 1980. David first met Sybil, a young lady who worked in a studio while he was working there. They fell in love instantly, and David soon began producing pieces of jewelry for Sybil to wear. They wore one of his designs when they had a chance encounter that led to a life-changing opportunity.

While Sybil was visiting an art exhibition, she wore a belt buckle explicitly made for her by Yurman. The gallery’s owner was impressed by the design and questioned whether it could manufacture it commercially. David was unwilling to accept the offer because the item was so deeply personal to him, yet, for the first time, he discovered that his creations had commercial potential.

David Yurman is a New York-based jewelry founded by a sculptor, David Yurman. David Yurman uses silver and precious stones like citrine, Topaz, citrine, and turquoise for his jewelry pieces. There are many jewelry brands that David Yurman has inspired, but the elegance of David Yurman stands out.

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