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Sell your silver coins in Los Angeles to Gold Buyers USA. You’ve found the best place to sell your silver coins if you’re looking for a reputable coin dealer near you. We buy silver coins daily and always give our customers the best price according to live market prices. We don’t have any minimum amount of coins you have to sell to us like our competitors, sell 1 or 1 dozen coins today. Visit our store in Downtown Los Angeles today to get the highest price for your silver coins, we are located at 607 S. Hill St. Suite 241B, Los Angeles, CA 90014.

Best Place to Sell Silver Coins for Cash in Los Angeles

Why go through the hassle of driving around from place to place in search of a trustworthy silver coin buyer when you have Gold Buyers USA? Located in the heart of Los Angeles, we offer cash for silver coins. Unlike our competitors and other alternatives for selling silver coins, our business dealing is smooth and stress-free. We promise to provide you with the highest payout on your investment, so you do not regret selling your valuable silver coins to us.

Sell Silver Coins in Los Angeles for the Best Price

At Gold Buyers USA, we realize that, more often than not, people only consider selling their precious silver coins when they are going through a financial constraint. Hence, we understand how important it is for you to receive a good value against your silver coins.

We promise to offer you the highest payout on your silver coins, even if you have just one piece to sell. Our experts will thoroughly inspect it and determine its true worth. We can assure you that no other silver coin buyer in Los Angeles will offer you more competitive pricing than ours!

How Much is My Silver Coin Worth?

A silver coin’s value is determined by its scarcity, quality, collectibility and its value is determined by the amount of silver it contains. Depending on the price of silver at the time, this value may be substantially more than the coin’s face value. For instance, a 1942 dime is worth 10 cents face value. However, at a silver price of 30.84 an ounce, its silver content is only worth about $2.23. Get live silver coin prices by viewing our coin melt value page.

Where to Sell Silver Coins in Los Angeles?

Gold Buyers USA is the most reliable silver coin buyer in Los Angeles. We will provide you with great service and educate you on coin prices to make sure you receive the best offer, we have more than 40 years of experience in the coin buying business. Gold Buyers USA is always up-to-date with live silver prices to ensure you receive the highest price for your silver coins. Avoid visiting pawnshops or jewelry stores who will not pay you the true value of your silver coins. Contact us today to sell your silver coins for cash in Los Angeles.

When is the Best Time to Sell Silver Coins in Los Angeles?

When prices and demand are at their peak, you should sell your silver to make the most money on your investment. When demand increases, silver prices typically rise. This could be because investors are looking for safer alternatives to stocks or because more people are purchasing goods that use silver components. The silver coins value varies depending on their age, condition, and uniqueness, as well as the current price of silver. A terrific moment to sell is right now. After hitting $25 earlier this year, silver prices are still high today. The price of silver in the U. S. is $2.23 which means now is the best time to sell silver coins for cash!

Silver Coins We Buy

We buy all silver coins for cash. Fill out the form on this page to get a free quote for your silver coins. Here are some of our favorite silver coins to buy.

  • Silver American Ealge
  • Silver America the Beautiful
  • Silver Barber Dime
  • Silver Mercury Dime
  • Silver Roosevelt Dime
  • Silver Barber Quarter
  • Silver Standing Liberty
  • Silver Washington Quarter
  • Silver Barber Half Dollar
  • Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar
  • Silver Franklin Half Dollar
  • Silver Kennedy Half Dollar
  • Silver Dollar (Morgan Dollar)
  • Silver Dollar (Peace Dollar)
  • Silver Chinese Panda
  • Silver Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Silver Australian Kangaroo
  • Silver South African Krugerrand
  • Silver British Britannia
  • Silver Mexican Libertad
  • Silver Austrian Philharmonic
  • Silver Australian Lunar Mouse
  • Silver Australian Lunar Pig
  • Silver Australian Lunar Dog
  • Silver Australian Lunar Rooster
  • Silver Australian Lunar Monkey
  • Silver Australian Lunar Snake
  • Silver Australian Lunar Goat
  • Silver Australian Lunar Kookaburra
  • Silver Canadian Bald Eagle
  • Silver Canadian First Special Service Force
  • Silver Canadian Polar Bear
  • Silver Canadian Big Horn Sheep
  • Silver Canadian Wolverine
  • Silver Canadian Wild Horse
  • Silver Canadian Five Blessings
  • Silver Canadian Caribou
  • Silver Canadian Arctic Fox
  • Silver Canadian Falcon
  • Silver Canadian Polar Bear
  • Silver Canadian Grizzly Bear
  • Silver Canadian Kraken
  • Silver Canadian SuperLeaf
  • Silver Canadian Goose
  • Silver Australian Lunar Horse
  • Silver Australian Lunar Tiger
  • Silver Australian Koala
  • Silver Australian Spider
  • Silver Australian Crocodile
  • Silver South African Elephant
  • Silver South African Lion
  • Silver South African Rhino
  • Silver British Queens White Lion
  • Silver British Queens White Horse
  • Silver British Queens Beast Yale
  • Silver British Queens Falcon
  • Silver British Queens Black Bull
  • Silver British Queens Beast Lion
  • Silver British Queens Unicorn
  • Silver British Queens Beasts Red Dragon

If you are ready to sell your silver coins in Los Angeles, contact us today for further information!

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