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How To Sell Gold in Los Angeles

If you are looking into how to sell gold in Los Angeles, you’ve come to the right place. Gold Buyers USA is one of America’s most trusted destinations to buy and sell gold.

Unlike other pre-owned items you may have for sale, pre-owned gold jewelry often hold its value, and even appreciate’s over time with the price of gold.

For this reason, we recommend the following 3 formal pieces of advice before you consider selling.
1. Know the karat of your gold (8K, 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, 24K)
2. Know how much your gold weighs (measured in troy oz’s or grams)
2. Know the current price of gold

These 3 factors will help determine the price of your gold in Los Angeles and will help get the best selling price to sell your gold in LA.

How To Sell Today

If you are looking to sell gold today, you must ensure that you follow the necessary steps to make a fair and safe deal.

Step 1: Identify a Reputable Gold Dealer

Although this step may seem simple and straightforward, this is the most important step and must not be overlooked. When looking for a reputable dealer, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. The high price of gold has made selling your gold in Los Angeles more appealing than ever; however, not all dealers are honest and even fewer are transparent about their business practices. Before you decide on a specific dealer or even walk-in to a dealer’s office; make sure that you do your research, trust them on the phone and look into the following aspects of their business.

1. Reputation – The dealer should specialize in pre-owned gold jewelry including but not limited to, designer brands such as Tiffany, Cartier, and Harry Winston; gold coins, chains, bracelets, school rings, earrings, and more. If you have a lot of gold or jewelry, this should also not overwhelm the dealer. The dealer should feel comfortable and ultimately display his expertise. If a gold dealer has been around for years, they should have a loyal customer base, of which you can epxect them to be a fair and reputable/honest gold dealer as you approach them to sell your gold in Los Angeles. Also be sure to research their Yelp, Google, Ebay and Facebook reviews. This will show you other similar customer interactions.

2. Integrity, Honesty & Transparency – Even if you know the exact value of your gold jewelry (and always consider the pre-owned market value), you will still need to place trust into your gold dealer as you approach them to sell your gold. Their price offered in negotiation should feel honest and fair, while at the same time transparent and reflective of the price of gold.

3. Credibility – Do your research. Just because a local jeweler looks old and has been around fo ryears, does not mean that the business has a good rating with the better business beaurea.

What To Avoid

First Floor Dealers –If you are looking into selling your gold in the Los Angeles Downtown jewelry District on Hill St, never go to a first-floor vendor to sell your gold. That is, if you are looking for the best price, always stray away from a first-floor dealer, and instead rely on an online-first business that elects to display a transparent online-reputation. You will find that first-floor gold dealers/vendors/’we buy gold’ storefronts often do very quick in-person business and do not rely on their business reputation. If you were to actually research these first-floor vendors, you will find that their Google reviews, trust, credibility and reputation is often in bad standing. Thus, it is always important to visit a dealer on the 2nd floor and one that has a great online reputation with good reviews.

Step 2: Research The Price of Your Gold

Now that you’ve done your adequate research in finding a reputable and trustworthy gold dealer in Los Angeles, it is now time to gather pertinent information to help you determine the price of your gold. If you have any of the paperwork that goes with the jewelry, say a Tiffany certificate with a pair of earrings, it is important to bring these items in at this time.

How Much Do You Pay for Gold In Los Angeles

The price of gold that Gold Buyers USA pays in Los Angeles is based on the current price of gold based on the New York market. We value the transparency that we reflect on our customers and can assure you that the price we offer is more competitive than other gold buyers in Los Angeles. The price of your gold is solely dependent on the karat of the gold, the gold’s weight and the current market price of gold. The current market price is the price that your gold jewelry is worth on the date of sale.

No matter if the gold jewelry is broken or no longer worn by you or a family member, we will take a look and give you a fair market price.

Does the Color of The Gold Matter When Selling?

The color of your gold does not matter when you are selling your gold in Los Angeles. Actually, the color of your gold jewelry, also should not alter the price of the jewelry at the original time of purchase. The color of the gold does not change the carat or weight of the gold by any means, thereby, the price should never be affected.

The gold experts at Gold Buyers USA will be able to authenticate and determine the carat of your gold. Sometimes, customers come in with a silver or white-gold-looking piece of jewelry, and it ends up being Platinum. At this time, a Gold Buyers USA representative wil inform you of his or her precious metal findings and will pay you based on the market price.

How Do you Authenticate The Gold Purity and Carat

The experts at Gold Buyers USA is able to authenticate the validity of the gold, whether it is real or fake with a simple acid gold test. This acid will be able to show the Gold Buyers USA team exactly what karat the gold is (8K-24K) and therefore, the price of your precious metals.

Step 3: Get A Price for Your Gold

After you have done the research on your end, you are now ready to visit the reputable gold dealer that you have selected. Simply make an appointment by calling (877) 752-8484 or dropping by the Gold Buyers USA Los Angeles office at 607 S. Hill St. Suite 241, Los Angeles, CA 90014.

Now that you know a ballpark price for your gold (considering its karat, weight, and the current price of gold), you are ready to get it appraised by an expert. The gold expert’s value should ultimately be similar to the price you have calculated unless there are many items that proved to be not authentic gold, or a lower karat or higher karat than you thought originally.

Gold appraisals on average take between 1-6 minutes.

Step 4: Get Paid

Once your gold has been appraised and you have received an offer that you are happy with, you are ready to get paid. Simply state your preferred payment method, whether that be a bank wire, check or cash for your gold in Los Angeles, the experts at Gold Buyers USA would be happy to help you.

That’s it! Get started today by filling out the form below. You are just 1 step away from selling your gold for the most money in Los Angeles.

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