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Sell Your Diamond In Los Angeles For The Best Price

Going to a pawn shop or your neighborhood jeweler may be your first thought when considering to sell diamonds for cash. However, these might not be your greatest options if you want to sell your diamonds for the highest possible. At Gold Buyers USA, we have a team of certified diamond experts that can appraise your diamonds for the correct price. Why go anywhere else, call us today to schedule an appointment with our diamond experts near you. We offer same-day payments in cash for customers located in Los Angeles.

Why Should I Sell My Diamonds In Los Angeles?

 Gold Buyers USA recognizes that choosing to sell diamonds isn’t always an easy decision. Parting with a special item can be an emotional event, particularly if the diamond holds sentimental value.

But if you find yourself considering selling your diamond often, it might be time to move forward. Let’s explore the typical reasons why people sell diamond jewelry to aid in your decision-making.

  • Bad Memories – Does your diamond bring to mind a difficult split or divorce? Selling your piece can help you get rid of those unpleasant memories. Keep in mind that any kind of material reminder can obstruct your route to recovery. You can free up your mental space by taking away the diamond from your external surroundings and spending that money on an enjoyable event.
  • No Use – Many of us keep things that we don’t utilize. Most of the time, this is because we unconsciously link them to emotions like love or happiness. If this seems familiar to you, ask yourself if the diamonds resting in your jewelry box bring any value to your table? If not, then we believe it’s time you consider selling them!
  • Change of Taste – Your style will probably evolve over time. However, if your tastes have significantly altered and your diamond no longer suits them, it may be time to let go. Additionally, by selling your undesirable diamond, you can spend money on other accessories that you will wear.
  • Financial Problems – A financial crisis can come knocking at your door unannounced. If caught up in a situation where you are short on cash and need some money immediately, selling your diamonds might be the best and quickest way to receive the cash. 

Diamonds are forever so no matter what the reason for selling them is it is always a good time to sell your diamond! Contact Gold Buyers USA today to sell diamonds near you. We offer same-day service, we will test and appraise your diamonds in front of you and make you a solid offer based on the current market value.

Find out how easy it is to sell gold online by calling us at (877) 752-8484.

Can I Sell Diamonds Without Certificates?

When a diamond has been analyzed and professionally certified, its value will always have a higher value. Your diamond jewelry’s value will therefore be much lower without a certificate. Having your diamond evaluated and verified will give you the best opportunity of getting paid extra. You should at least verify that the diamond is genuine, particularly if you do not have it verified.

You can come to us even if you have lost your diamond’s certification. Our diamond buying experts will inspect your gemstone closely to get to know it better. We will identify its originality and characteristics, and once we can authenticate it, we will offer you a fair price against it. 

Where to Sell Diamonds Near Me in Los Angeles?

Visit us at our office when you’re prepared to sell your diamond in Los Angeles. Our experienced jewelry buyers will be able to evaluate your items and respond to all of your inquiries. If you have expensive diamond watches, we can also inspect those.

Should I Sell Diamond Jewelry? 

You pay retail pricing for a diamond when you purchase a brand-new item of diamond jewelry from a retailer, like a neighborhood jeweler or an internet retailer. Your setting or side stones are no interest to jewelers who purchase pre-owned diamonds. 

We are searching for the center point. We are more concerned about the value of the diamond fixed on the jewelry rather than all the other components that make it up. 


  • Vintage engagement rings
    Engagement rings with round diamonds
  • Solitaire engagement rings
  • Center diamond
  • engagement rings
  • Colored diamond engagement rings
  • Good quality stones, 1 carat and larger
  • GIA certified diamond engagement rings


  • Van Cleef & Arpels
  • Cartier
  • Bvlgari
  • Harry Winston
  • and more

How Much Is Your Diamond Worth?

Diamond prices are different for all diamonds since their value is frequently determined by accounting a number of different aspects. When purchasing diamond jewelry, you want to make certain that the item you choose fits your budget. A diamond can range greatly in price. While some can cost hundreds of dollars, others can cost a fortune.

Use this opportunity if you are keeping tabs on the optimum time to sell your diamonds. Due to a number of variables, the value of a diamond has increased dramatically during the past few months. The demand for diamonds has actually never been higher. So, head over to our Los Angeles office today to get the best price for your diamonds. 

4 C’s of Diamond Grading 

The well-known “4 C’s” are the main criteria for grading diamonds and ultimately what determines the price.. These include carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. Knowing how each of the 4 C’s pertains to your diamond can go a long way toward assisting you in estimating the potential value of your diamond.

  • Carat 

The carat of a diamond is a metric of the stone’s weight in carats. Diamonds that are physically bigger tend to weigh more; however, carat size is a measurement of weight rather than size. 

  • Color 

In addition to colorless (white), blue, black, yellow, and pink, diamonds also exist in other hues. However, even “colorless” diamonds can contain traces of color. A white diamond will be worth more the more colorless it is.

  • Cut

This is a reference to the diamond’s shape, as determined by the diamond cutter. A well-cut diamond can significantly increase the stone’s value by enhancing its attractiveness.

  • Clarity

A diamond’s clarity or purity is determined by its being free of defects and imperfections. A diamond may contain outward faults or interior imperfections. In general, a diamond’s value increases with rarity and the absence of flaws.

So, have you made up your mind yet? Come to us today or give us a call for further information about our diamond buying process. We would be glad to assist!

Find out how easy it is to sell gold online by calling us at (877) 752-8484.

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