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If you are looking for a reputable place to sell your gold coins, search nowhere else and come to us at Gold Buyers USA. We are located in the heart of Los Angeles, so regardless of where you reside in the city, you can conveniently drive down to one of our offices and sell your gold coins.

At Gold Buyers USA, we offer the highest payout against your gold coins, bars, and other goods. We even offer free shipping, quick payments, and full insurance of your coins throughout the transaction.

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Best Place to Sell Gold Coins for Cash in Los Angeles

It is advisable to sell to a reputable and trustworthy gold buyer, such as Gold Buyers USA, rather than a pawn shop or neighborhood jewelry store. We will pay you fairly for your gold coins and will do so in accordance with their current market value.

Our procedure is quick, simple, and private. We make selling your gold coins simple and easy, and we’ll buy a single coin, a couple of coins, or a complete collection. The prevailing gold price, which will be provided to you and validated when you arrive, is the basis for all prices.

Our team consists of numerous individuals with expertise in dealing with gold coins, so we offer a high payout and promise a smooth consumer experience when you deal with us!

Sell Gold Coins in Los Angeles for the Best Price

People collect gold coins as a hobby or for the sake of investment. So, many times individuals only sell their gold coins when they need to cash in and need a handsome amount of money quickly.

We realize that you might be in need of urgent cash, which is why you are seeking to sell your gold coins. Hence, we aim to offer you the best price for your item. You can compare our offer with other gold buyers in the area and find that our rates are truly competitive.

So, when you are ready to sell your gold coins to us, give us a call or drive down to our Los Angeles Downtown office, where our staff is always ready to serve you with the best!

How Much is My Gold Coin Worth?

The cost of a gold bullion coin, like that of gold bars and nuggets, is not set and is determined by a number of factors, such as the coin’s mass, gold ratio, and the market price of gold. Even though many gold coins have minimal face values, their excellent gold content makes them worth much more. Thus, the true worth of a gold bullion coin is determined by multiplying its solid gold weight by the current market rate for gold.

The gold value of a Liberty 2.5 dollar gold coin made between 1840 and 1907 is at least $225. For highly-rated items, however, you may anticipate receiving $265 to $330.

Remember that some of the 1885 golden coins that have survived are more valuable. For example, the one in mint condition will be priced at a minimum of $4,283.

The value of a Liberty ten-dollar gold coin has increased dramatically over the past several years due to the greater price of gold. A piece is valued at least $850 to $900. However, others are significantly more valuable.

Hence, the price you receive for your coin depends greatly on the type of coin, its weight, purity, and desirability in the current gold market!

Where to Sell Gold Coins in Los Angeles?

For maximum transparency, each piece is weighed in front of the customer after being tested for the exact gold karat by a staff member. The value of cash for gold that day is determined by the weight at which gold is traded and bought.

Your goods’ actual gold worth will be known to you. We provide the greatest gold prices for each gold coin from any nation. To ensure the greatest price for your gold coins, our lab, which is the best in the market, always extracts the maximum amount of gold from the items you sell us.

Please be aware that Gold Buyers USA does not pay more for gold coins’ intrinsic value. Only the amount of precious metal in the coin itself determines our price.

When is the Best Time to Sell Gold Coins in Los Angeles?

If you’re thinking about doing so, the best time to sell your gold is when gold prices are rising. If you’re considering selling your old gold jewelry, gold coins, or any other sort of gold, now is an excellent time to obtain the most money for your gold since prices have reached an all-time high.

This indicates that you will be cashing out the most if you sell your gold coins today because the current market price for gold is significantly high!

Gold Coins We Buy

At Gold Buyers USA, we purchase a variety of gold coins, including the following:

  • Gold American Eagle
  • Gold American Buffalo
  • Gold American $20 Liberty
  • Gold American Stella
  • Gold $20 Saint Gaudens
  • Gold Indian Head
  • Gold Indian Princess
  • Gold Kangaroo
  • Gold Kookaburra
  • Gold Nugget
  • Gold Corona
  • Gold Ducat
  • Gold Philharmonic
  • Gold Britannia
  • Gold Sovereign
  • Gold Maple Leaf
  • Gold Krugerrand
  • Gold Chile 8 Escudos
  • Gold Panda
  • Gold Francs Angel
  • Gold Francs Napoleon
  • Gold Francs Rooster
  • Gold Mexican 20 Pesos
  • Gold Mexican 50 Pesos
  • Gold Mexican Libertad
  • Gold Armenian Noah’s Ark
  • Gold Australia Dolphin
  • Gold Australia Lunar Mouse
  • Gold Australia Lunar Pig
  • Gold Australia Lunar Horse
  • Gold Australia Lunar Rooster
  • Gold Australia Lunar Goat
  • Gold Australia Lunar Snake
  • Gold Australia Lunar Dog
  • Gold Australia Lunar Monkey
  • Gold Australia Lunar Dragon
  • Gold Australia Lunar Tiger
  • Gold Australia Lunar Rabbit
  • Gold Australia Lunar Ox
  • Gold Australia Swan
  • Gold British Queens Beasts Bull
  • Gold British Queens Beasts Lion
  • Gold British Queens Beasts Yale
  • Gold British Queens Falcon
  • Gold British Queens Griffin
  • Gold British Queens Dragon
  • Gold British Queens Unicorn
  • Gold British Queens White Lion
  • Gold British Mythical Dragons
  • Gold British The Royal Arms
  • Gold British Tower of London
  • Gold Bristish Year of the Horse
  • Gold Bristish Year of the Sheep
  • Gold Bristish Year of the Monkey
  • Gold Bristish Year of the Dog
  • Gold Bristish Year of the Pig
  • Gold Bristish Year of the Rat
  • Gold Canadian Grizzly Bear
  • Gold Canadian Howling Wolf
  • Gold Canadian Growling Cougar
  • Gold Canadian Bobcat
  • Gold Canadian Moose
  • Gold Canadian Elk
  • Gold Canadian Pig
  • Gold Canadian Dog
  • Gold Canadian Monkey
  • Gold Ephraim Half Doubloon
  • Gold Isle of Man Angel
  • Gold Mexican 2 Pesos
  • Gold Mexican 5 Pesos
  • Gold Mexican 10 Pesos
  • Gold New Zealand Sovereign
  • Gold Russia Roubles Nicholas
  • Gold Somalian Elephant
  • Gold Spain Escudo

If you have these or any other coins in your collection that you’d like to sell, come to us today!

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