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(Updated Dec 09, 2023)

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What Is The Coin Price Calculator?

The coin calculator tool designed here by Gold Buyers USA is to help you calculate the value of your gold, silver, or platinum coins. Prices are updated daily for your convenience. The value of your coin is calculated based on melt value.

Coin Calculator

Total Value:

*Coin Melt Value Does Not Reflect Payout

Gold Price

Bid / Ask$2004.50$2005.50
Low / High$1993.50$2027.40

(Updated Dec 09, 2023)

Silver Price

Bid / Ask$22.97$23.07
Low / High$22.91$23.90

(Updated Dec 09, 2023)

Platinum Price

Bid / Ask$917.00$927.00
Low / High$909.00$933.00

(Updated Dec 09, 2023)

Do you have coins you may be interested in selling or are curious to see the value? Gold Buyers USA has designed a tool to help you get the value of your gold, silver, or platinum coins. Before selling your coin it is important to know the melt value to ensure you are receiving a fair price according to market value.

How Do I Calculate Coins?

To calculate the value of your gold, silver and platinum coins you may do so by using our coin calculator above. Simply select the quantity of coins that you have in your possession, then select the coin metal type and the type of coin.

To see our coin calculator by precious metal type, you can do so by clicking the below:

Coin Calculator
Gold Coin Calculator
Silver Coin Calculator
Platinum Coin Calculator

What Is The Value Of My Coin?

When evaluating the value of your coins, people often consider its rarity or age of the coin and think it is worth a lot. That may be the case for certain coins but not all. The coin calculator tool designed by Gold Buyers USA values your coins according to the melt value of the metal and not the rarity or numismatic value of the coin.

Why Is The Coin Calculator at GoldBuyersUSA Your Best Choice?

You may come across a lot of coin calculators online. Those may include gold coin calculators, silver coin calculators, or platinum coin calculators. However, the benefit of the coin calculator at GoldBuyersUSA is that the prices are update every 5 minutes. As the market rates change daily, daily updating helps calculate the most precise results. Using this calculator will give you an up-to-date market price so their are no surprises when you sell your coins.

Calculate The Price of Your Coins Today!

With all this information, now is the time to calculate your coin’s value. So, instead of looking at any other calculator, use our all in one coin calculator today and get the value of your coins. Selling your precious metal coin can help you get those extra funds you need. Stay educated on the value of your coins and sell them for the best price. Always keep in mind that a coins value is calculated according to the melt value. This amount does not reflect your payout but will help you negotiate a fair price when you sell your coins.

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