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Are you searching for a credible site to quickly sell silver coins? If so, then Gold Buyers USA is the best choice for you. We are the most trusted silver coin buyer in the United States with experience of about 40 years. We provide you with the opportunity to sell or buy silver coins directly online. The selling process is very straightforward. Simply mail in your silver coins to our headquarters and get paid the same day they arrive! Fill out the form on this page to get started or contact us at (877) 752-8484.

Best Place To Sell Silver Coins

Finding the best place to sell silver coins in your hometown can be difficult. Going to a pawnshop or local jewelry buyer can result in you receiving a low offer. When it comes to selling silver coins you need to choose a business that specializes and knows the true value of your silver coins so you can be paid the best price. At Gold Buyers USA we have a dedicated team of professionals who buy silver coins on a daily basis. Our prices are the best in the market.

  • · We provide the best customer service.
  • · We provide the payment the same day.
  • · There are no shipping charges or any other hidden charges at all.
  • · We give you competitive rates according to the live market prices.

Where To Sell Silver Coins Near Me

If you want to sell silver coins for the best price near you then there is no better choice than Gold Buyers USA. Our staff members are expert silver buyers and will offer you a competitive market price for your silver coins. Silver prices are constantly changing and our experts are always up-to-date prepared to make you the best offer. No matter whether you reside in Los Angeles or not, you can sell your silver coins to us. Gold Buyers USA buys silver coins nationwide, sell your silver coins today without leaving your home. Simply fill out the sell form on this page to get started.

Find out how easy it is to sell your silver by calling us at (877) 752-8484.

How To Sell Silver Coins

To sell silver coins online please fill out the sell form on this page and provide a detailed description of the silver coins you wish to sell. A member of our buying team will contact you with further selling instructions. If you are an online seller the next step is to package and mail your silver coins to us via FedEx. The day we receive your package we will inspect it and make you a final buying offer. If you choose to accept our offer we will send your payment immediately via bank wire.

Local Sellers: If you are located in Los Angeles you do not need to mail your silver coins, instead you can visit our 2 buying offices. Walk-ins are welcome.

How Much Are Silver Coins Worth

The value of your silver coins depends on the silver purity, weight, and quantity. Silver coins from all over the world are made of different silver purities such as 40%, 72%, 80%, 90% and 99%. The higher purity your coins are the more it is worth. The more silver coins you have to sell the higher payout you can expect to receive for them. Contact Gold Buyers USA today to get started selling your silver coins.

What US Coins Are Silver

You will be astounded to know that in most US coins made in or before 1964 are 90% silver. Later on it suffered from a significant shortage. As a result of the lack of coins, a coinage act was formed in 1965. And then, according to the coinage act, dimes and quarters were converted to 75% copper and 25% of Nickel. But still, even at that time, half of the US dollar was silver (81% at the surface and 21% at the core).

Check out the list of the Most Valuable US Silver Coins below:

  • ·         1946-1964 (Roosevelt Dimes.)
  • ·         1916-1945 (Mercury Dimes.)
  • ·         1892-1916 (Barber Dimes.)
  • ·         1794-1837 (Bust Dimes.
  • ·         1837-1891 (Seated Liberty Dimes.)
  • ·         1932-1964 (Washington Quarters.)
  • ·         1796-1838 (Bust Quarters.)
  • ·         1838-1891 (Seated Liberty Quarters.)
  • ·         1892-1916 (Barber Silver Quarters.)
  • ·         1916-1930 (Liberty Quarters.)
  • ·         1964 (Kennedy Half Dollars.)
  • ·         1948-1963 (Franklin Half Dollars.)
  • ·         1916-1947 (Liberty Half Dollars.)
  • ·         1794-1839 (Bust Half Dollars.)
  • ·         1839-1891 (Liberty Half Dollars.)
  • ·         1892-1915 (Barber Half Dollars.)
  • ·         1964-1970 (Kennedy Half Dollars.)

How To Tell If Your Coins Are Silver

If you want to check out whether your coins are silver or not, then there is a short inspection that you can do to analyze it. You have to observe the coin profoundly and check if you find a solid silver stripe at the edge; it determines that your coin is silver. And if the strip is of copper, then your coin is of copper. If you see a mix of both, it means the coin is 40% silver and 60% copper.

Where To Buy Silver Coins

To buy the finest silver coins in the USA, you can opt for Gold Buyers USA. They have served in this field for the last 40 years and are highly credible. They provide their customers with fantastic service and won’t ask for hidden taxes or fees. Above all, Gold Buyers USA owns a perfect collection of silver coins as a whole. So, you can easily choose from them.

Let’s check out the list of top 10 famous silver coins to buy:

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