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Gold Buyers USA is the most trusted place to buy or sell gold online. Below you may find more information about our team and process here at GBUSA.

We can be AMERICA’S #1 Gold Chains BEST SELLER with your HELP!


Why Do Customers Choose Us?

1). Our Price Point is the CHEAPEST on the Market.

2). Our Quality Matches the Best on the Market.


How Big Is The Gold Chains Market?

VERY BIG. On average ‘gold chains’ is searched 280K times per month. For an example – ‘makeup’ (one of the largest categories on TikTok and IG) is only searched 246K times per month in the US. 

With your help, we believe we can make our product go viral. 

Who is right for the job?

Calling all TikTok influencers, Instagram influencers, Bloggers and more: 

We need your help to put out our message. Think quick social explainer video’s, cool Blogs comparing our product and price difference and more.

Who is The Competition?

The competition is filled with mainly large older companies that focus on:
Product Ads
Blinged Out Jewelry

NO ONE has an influencer or blogger Affiliate program the way that we are doing it! We can be the cool kids on the block!

GoldBuyersUSA is offering Gold Chains and Gold Bracelets at MORE AFFORDABLE prices than any of its competitors – therefore than anyone on the market.

GBUSA has found a way to combine the LOWEST PRICE point on the market with the BEST QUALITY or MATCHING QUALITY compared to its competition.

This combination is very hard to come by in any industry and therefore, has a very good chance of going VIRAL. But, we can’t do it without you. 

Low cancelation rate!

Great commission on a physical product!

GREAT reviews

Low refund rate!! HUGE Cart conversion %

How Do You Get Paid?
Good question. Because many of our products are offered at different prices (ranging from $400-$5000) with an AOV of $700, we are offering $50 per sale that you generate. That could be $500 with just 10 sales (very easy to do) and $1000with just 20 sales (see below)

How many sales can you expect to generate?
As an example, our Founder and CEO generated 5 Sales with just 1 TikTok video. 


Imagine getting paid $250 from creating a 1-2 minute video. Does this mean it’s that easy…no, but it can be if you get creative. 

What will make the customer buy?
– Get creative look at other competitions website prices.

NOTE: Do not mention particular competitor names in your Ads – you can only reference them as ‘others, from other websites, or ‘competitor’ websites generically.  

– Be sure to mention that we offer Gold Chains and Bracelets at under $55/Gram for 14K Gold.

– The customers in this industry absolutely GAWK at any 14K gold chains/bracelets prices under $60/gram. Offering it at under $55/gram (and sometimes at under $50/gram) – especially when gold is over $1900/oz is an INSANE OFFERING. 

Where do we find your products?
Simply visit Upon visiting you will see that the homepage hero image targets selling gold (us buying gold from customers – note: we also take shipments from customers selling their gold to us – but this is not what we are focusing on with this Affiliate Program). 

How to find our products: > “DEALS OF THE WEEK”
After you scroll past the Hero Image on the homepage you will see a section called “DEALS OF THE WEEK”
– this will be our products with the best prices > “BUY GOLD” or “GOLD”
Simply click BUY GOLD in the navigation menu or GOLD in the Sub Navigation menu (area below the nav on Mobile – area below the hero image on desktop).

Product Details:
All product information can be found on the product page on any product. There you can find the products, length, mm, grams etc. Majority of Products are offered in 14K – majority are brand new – some are pre-owned but poished and cleaned like new. 

We have 100% posiitve feedback. Customers love our products and customer service. We have only 5 star reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook.

– You can find us on TikTok @goldbuyersusa. We have gone viral on TikTok by sharing our Gold Chain prices and quality – go follow us to see how we operate, our style and what to expect.

We have proven it’s very easy to go VIRAL with our video’s, so why can’t you?!

– You can also find us on Instagram @goldbuyers_usa

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