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Do you want to sell your gold ring? At Gold Buyers USA, we will buy your gold rings at valuable prices. It would be a shame if your old gold rings just lay around in your jewelry box unnoticed. We offer very high purchase prices if you plan to sell your gold rings. With us, you can be sure that you will receive a considerable sum when you sell your gold rings. 

Best Place To Sell Gold Rings

Gold Buyers USA is the perfect place to sell gold rings. The numerous satisfied customers that we have been able to win in the US speak for our good service and our good purchase prices. Our customers keep telling us that our purchase prices are higher than those of the competition. No matter what type of gold rings you want to sell, you will receive high gold purchase prices and expert advice from us.

Where To Sell Gold Rings?

  • eBay– A great platform to sell your ring, but you have to cater for the shipping fees and other transactions within the platform.
  • Pawnshop– Another marketplace to sell your gold rings, but you will get a low market value for your ring.
  • Consignment Stores– They may sound like the best option, but you have to leave your items with them, which can get misplaced or lost. They also charge a commission, and your item can take long before it is sold. 
  • Gold Buyers USA– The ideal place to sell your gold rings at a higher value. You will receive a free mailing label no matter which part of the US you are in.  You will also receive payment the same day via bank wire the same day your gold ring gets to the store. 

How We Determine The Value of Your Gold Ring

We use several factors to determine the value of your gold ring. These include:

  • Brand– We look at your jewelry house to determine the value of your gold ring. We will consider this factor and look at what customers are willing to pay.
  • Weight– The weight of your gold ring determines its value. The more it weighs, the higher the price.
  • Diamonds/Stones– Diamonds boost the value of your golden ring depending on the quality and size of the diamonds. If your ring or piece of jewelry is set with precious stones, our experts will take this into account in the evaluation.
  • Market Price– We also look at prevailing factors like the current gold market price before placing a value on your ring. 

Thanks to our many years of experience in trading gold, we have the necessary expertise to offer you the best price for the purchase. When selling, we attach great importance to a safe and transparent process. For this reason, you will find our purchase prices updated daily on our website.

Find out how easy it is to sell my gold by calling us at (877) 752-8484.

How Much is My Gold Ring Worth?

The price of your gold ring will depend on its karat, a measure of its purity. 

What Is An 18K Gold Ring Worth?

18K represents 75% gold purity. To calculate its worth, we first determine its current market price, multiply it by 0.75, then multiply the outcome with the weight of the gold.

What Is A 14K Gold Ring Worth?

14K represents 58.3% gold purity. To calculate its worth, we have to find the current market price, multiply it by the weight of the gold, and the final result with 0.583.

The weight of stones or other parts will be deducted to give you a more accurate price. 

What Is A 10K Gold Ring Worth?

10K is usually the lowest purity of gold in the US market. To calculate its worth, we first have to find its current market price, multiply it by 0.416, and multiply the answer with its total weight. 

Based on the current daily rate and the weight in grams, we calculate the value for the sale of your jewelry.

Best Place To Buy Gold Rings

If you’re wondering where the best place to buy gold rings online, you’ve come to the right place. Gold Buyers USA offers a large variety of pre-owned and used rings, all available for sale. SHop with confidence when you buy from Gold Buyers USA.

Why Sell To Gold Buyers USA?

Get a Free Estimate from Us

We evaluate your piece of jewelry free of charge and without obligation. Of course, we will examine your gold and then provide you with a free offer. This is always based on the current gold purchase prices, which you can find on our gold price page.

Same Day Payment

You should know that when you buy gold at Gold Buyers USA, your money is paid out immediately. You will be paid the same day your gold arrives at our store after it is appraised by our experts. 

High Purchase Prices

Time and time again, we experience that our customers have sold jewelry or gold rings to jewelers or other dealers and have received a much lower gold price than at Gold Buyers USA. That’s because many customers don’t know the value of your jewelry when they sell it. As a result, the offers for jewelry purchases that customers have received are usually below the current price of gold.

No Hidden Costs

If you want to part with your gold ring, expect no hidden costs. When buying a gold ring or any other valuables, you do not pay any processing fees, appraisal costs, or other inspection fees.

When is the Right Time to Sell My Gold Ring?

Now! The price for this precious material is at an all-time high at the moment. You will get the best value if you sell your ring.

If you want to sell your old gold rings but would like a personal conversation beforehand or have any questions, you are very welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail. Our service staff looks forward to answering all your questions in detail and competently.

Sell Your Gold Ring

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