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Interactive chart of historical daily palladium prices back to 1987. The price shown is in U.S. Dollars per troy ounce. The current price of palladium as of August 09, 2022 is $2,182.00 per ounce.

Our palladium price chart displays the current price of gold.  Using our real-time palladium price chart, you can get the most accurate value of your gold today. With our live palladium price index analyzed every 5 minutes, you’ll get the most current information available. Refreshing your browser is unnecessary. Using this chart, you’ll be able to examine the long-term patterns in gold prices.

Price Of Palladium

Bid / Ask$963.00$1003.00
Low / High$949.00$1006.00

(Updated May 27, 2024)

Palladium Historical Prices

Even though palladium is a lesser-known precious metal, that doesn’t mean its worth or demand isn’t high. Over the course of the last few years, the price of palladium has exhibited investors extraordinary value retention and rises. The price of Palladium is mentioned in three different increments: the price per gram, the price per ounce, and the price per kilogram. Check out the interactive chart to get a glimpse of the past ten years’ worth of price data for Palladium.

What is the highest Palladium price recorded?

In March of 2022, Palladium reached its all-time high price of $3440.76. While the price of palladium has fluctuated greatly over time, it has shown significant advances in the past. Some of the most drastic price increases in recent memory are listed below.

Palladium prices historical Increases

  • From November 1996 – January 2001, the price of gold went from $114 per ounce to $1090 per ounce.
  • From $145 per ounce in April 2003 to $595 per ounce in March 2008, there was a 300 percent increase.
  • From December 2008 – February 2011, the price of gold went from $160 per ounce to $862 per ounce.
  • The price of gold went from $451 per ounce during January 2016 to $1133 per ounce in January 2018.
  • From $815 per ounce in August 2018 – $1576 per ounce in March 2019: a 90 percent increase.

What is Palladium Spot Price?

When we talk about “spot” costs, we’re obviously talking about the metal’s current delivery price. The spot price is the amount of metal costs for delivery by ounce, gram, or kilo, unlike futures contracts, which set an amount to be handed on at a later point. On average, spot prices are derived from the most actively traded near-month futures contract.

Why Do Palladium Prices Fluctuate?

The price of palladium on the open market can and does fluctuate, sometimes dramatically. Both industrial and investment demand can affect the price of palladium on a worldwide scale. Auto demand, which is a major factor in the cost of palladium because the metal is used in catalytic converters, can have a considerable effect on palladium prices. There is a possibility that prices could fall or climb depending on the level of demand.

Interest rates, currency markets, and other geopolitical uncertainties might influence palladium prices on the investment side. Palladium, for example, is a dollar-denominated asset class that could grow in value when the currency weakens. Palladium’s price can be greatly affected by the state of the economy. Economic growth could lead to increased use of metal, whereas a recession could lead to decreased use.

s Palladium Valuable?

Yes, Palladium is considered as a valuable metal due to obvious reasons. The increasing demand for palladium from the manufacturing sector is one factor that contributes to the metal’s ever-increasing price. A genuine supply-and-demand gap has emerged in recent years as a direct result of the growing demand for palladium to be used in automobile catalysts. Because of this shortage, palladium has been one of the precious metals that has performed the best over the course of the last several years.

What Palladium Products to Consider for Investment?

Palladium, which is less well-known than the other three metals, offers a wider range of industrial applications. In manufacturing, palladium is a silvery metal that is commonly used for electronics as well as industrial applications. Additionally, it can be employed in dental procedures and in the remediation of groundwater.

Palladium is a pliable metal at ambient temperature, but it hardens and grows stronger when it is worked with. For example, the sheets can be utilized in the production of solar power and fuel cells. 

In catalytic converters, palladium is used as a catalyst because of its ability to speed up chemical reactions. Compared to platinum, this beautiful metal is 12.6 percent harder, making the element more lasting than platinum as well.

Should you invest in Palladium Coins or Palladium Bars?

When deciding between purchasing palladium coins or palladium bars, investors should search for the product that provides benefits that are more closely matched with the objectives they have set for their investment portfolio.

The amount of gold that may be converted into cash at any one moment is one of the most significant advantages and differences between bars and coins. While bars are frequently offered in bigger ounce denominations, coins are typically more manageable to hold because to their smaller size. Coins are another form of currency that are supported by the nation of origin. Coins, in addition to boasting a stunning look, provide investors with additional privacy benefits as a result of their advantageous treatment under tax reporting regulations.

Investors who plan to purchase metals in order to store them in the custody of a third party often purchase these metals in the form of bars.

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