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Silver, like gold, is one of the leading precious metals in the market with an incredibly high economic value. In time past, it enjoyed the soft spot of being the treasured precious metals in the form of jewelry, coins, and silverware. However, recently, Silver has become one of the most used precious metals in the industrial corridor. It has gained prominence in but is not limited to solar energy, medicine, chips, electronics, aerospace, touch screens, and many other industrial arenas.

The price of silver today is $30.67 per ounce.

All these benefits have placed Silver as the second most popular investment-worthy metal. The good news is it holds its value even in a declining economy, plus Gold Buyer USA offers you the best rates for your Silver.

Price Of Silver

Bid / Ask$30.67$30.77
Low / High$29.68$30.84

(Updated Jun 20, 2024)

What is the Price of Silver Today?

If you are considering making your investment in Silver, knowing what the current market dictates is best so you can make a constructive decision. Silver, like gold, has a dynamic price. Silver prices change from hour to hour and, most times, from minute to minute during the trading hour. The silver spot prices are always determined by their bullion value in terms of the gram, ounce, and kilogram. 

In the current market,  

  • Silver price per ounce is $30.67.
  • Silver price per gram is $0.99.
  • Silver price per kilogram is $985.96.

All these are the present price; however, the price is not fixed. They can change in minutes.

Calculate The Price Of Your Silver

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What is the Silver Rate Today?

To accurately determine the rate silver bullion would cost, one has to be sure of the quantity of silver one would need. Silver measured in grams costs lesser than Silver in kilograms. Invariably, the quantity most times determines the rate of silver metal. Gold Buyers USA offers you the best prices if you are looking to sell your silver jewelry and coins.

The rate of silver today is $30.67 per ounce.

Silver Value and Why It Fluctuates

Like gold, Silver is one of the goods that change over time. This is so because of some contributing factors which dictate the market trend.

Silver’s price is driven by market speculation, demand, and supply as with most items. Its price is famously unpredictable contrasted with that of gold on account of the more modest market, lower market liquidity, and variances among modern stores of significant value purposes.

Irrespective of the fluctuating value of Silver per time, we offer you the best rates for your Silver at Gold Buyer USA. 

Silver Price Per Ounce

The price of Silver per ounce is $30.67. Silver is weighed in Troy Ounces. 1 Troy Oz is equal to 31.10 Grams.

How Much Is a Silver Bar Worth?

The value of a Silver bar is based on the following 2 factors: the live price per oz of Silver and the number of troy ounces that can be seen on the Silver bar. All you have to do is is multiply the weight of the bar by live price of silver.

What Affects the Price of Silver?

Like any commodity one can purchase in the market fluctuates in the asking price, Silver, a unique precious metal, similarly has its share of fluctuations which are contributed  by the under-listed factors:

  • Supply and demand: The changes in the price of Silver are felt when the already scarce or limited silver supply in the market is used to serve many demands. Any increase in supply or demand will move the prices upward or downward. 
  • Economic trend: In a good economic period, people would spend a great deal to purchase or acquire jewelry and other items made of precious metals such as Silver. This surge in demand for Silver typically puts upward pressure on the price of Silver.

Inversely, in a declining economic period, when the demand for this luxury is low, the price of Silver is influenced. Although, it’s well known that the demand for luxury goods such as jewelry is still prevalent even in a declining economic state.

  • Gold price: Silver, unlike other metals, moves in tandem with gold. When the price of gold is influenced in the upward direction, the price of Silver also gets influenced. In simple terms, when the price of gold goes up or down, the price of Silver follows.
  • Industrial demand: Unlike other precious metals like gold, platinum, and many more, industrial demand takes an average portion of the demand for Silver. Due to its unusually unique properties that other metals cannot match; manufacturers use Silver as one of their essential products. This is seen in the electronics, aerospace, and medical industry. As this demand increases, while supply remains unchanged, the price of Silver is impacted.

Why Is Silver a Good Investment Choice?

While gold tends to be at the vanguard of other precious metals good for investment instead of stocks and bonds, Silver has recently been noticed as a cheaper and unique metal that can match up with gold.

Here are some of the reasons that have caused the remarkable tendency of Silver to be a good investment choice:

  • Inflation and currency risk: As the effect of inflation tells on the paper currencies such as the dollar, euro, and pound, Silver, just like gold, stands tall as a secured alternative. This is so solely because its value is independent of the value of fiat currencies. In a time of inflation when fiat and local currencies become entirely worthless, Silver enjoys its promising value as a haven.
  • Utility: Due to its recent use in the modern economy, particularly in the manufacturing industries, an investment in Silver is a good idea. Most especially now, when the quantities of Silver have greatly reduced from 2.2 billion ounces a century ago to less than 300 million ounces. 
  • Affordability: Silver, unlike gold, is cheaper to acquire, which is a good investment opportunity for an average investor. Like gold, it protects in times of inflation as it fares well when interest rates are extremely low.

The Price of Silver Coins

For many years, coin collectors have chosen silver coins in particular as their favorite collectible. Though the price of silver coins is usually closely aligned to the weight and purity of the silver used in the coin, oftentimes, valuable silver coins can trade at a price above what the silver is worth. This has caused silver coins to be very sought after and carry a high demand. Gold Buyers USA has one of the largest pre-owned inventories of silver coins, which are all available, in-stock, and ready to ship. Buy silver coins online. If you would first like to look up the silver coin value or even the silver coin calculator, you can do so at the links provided.

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