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Sell My Parents Jewelry

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Are You Thinking of Selling Your Parents Jewelry

What to do with the jewels of an inheritance? It is the question that we plan ourselves when these goods are given to us in the distribution of an inheritance. Apart from real estate, it is very common to distribute jewelry or watches, even if they have passed from generation to generation in our family. 

But sometimes, both jewelry and watches, do not have to be of our taste or simply, we want to sell them to obtain money. It is at this point when we are assaulted by doubts and we do not know where to go, or what value we can have in our hands. Well, in this post, we are going to try to clarify some aspects in this regard and to be able to guide you.

Where To Sell My Parents Jewelry

If there is no interest in keeping the inherited jewelry, in this case, a professional in the field can separate the precious metals from the stones, gems, or diamonds that have the pieces. Obtaining in this way, a total value of the inventory that we have taken to appraise and to be able to distribute it in an equitable way.

The same happens if, on the contrary, some of the pieces you want to keep, you can always seek professional help to avoid problems. And to be able to make the distribution in a way that all the parts are in agreement.

At Gold Buyers USA we have a team of professionals and experts capable of valuing the jewelry you have received from your parents, whether you want to sell it or keep it. Our team is perfectly prepared to review and give their opinion on any type of jewelry and will offer the right price taking into account not only the characteristics of the jewel in question but also the market trends.

Find out how easy it is to sell gold online by calling us at (877) 752-8484.

How Much Is My Parents Jewelry Worth

At the time of making a correct appraisal, different aspects of the pieces are taken into account:

  1. The state in which the pieces are found: whether we are talking about a piece of jewelry or a watch. It is not the same to find a deteriorated piece of jewelry or a watch that is not working than to find a piece of jewelry or watch in optimal conditions. For example, we want to appraise a yellow gold wedding ring, but the piece is broken, it is not that it has less value, since the weight in gold will be the same whether it is broken or not. But, a ring in good condition can be resold which will can give you a better return. The same happens with watches. Another example can be the value of a high-end watch such as a Rolex watch. It will not have the same value if that watch is in working order compared to another that needs repairing.
  1. Metal and Stones, obviously depending on the gems, diamonds, rubies, emeralds that make up the pieces to be appraised, we will obtain one value or another. At the same time, the value of each precious metal is different. As for the metals of which the pieces are made, it is necessary to know how to differentiate them. Because nowadays jewelry can be made with many metals. But most of the jewels that are distributed in inheritance are made of gold and silver. With the passage of time, the designs have been changing and we can find platinum. 
  1. The age of the pieces also influences the appraisal. Antique jewelry has a higher value than conventional jewelry. But they must be pieces of high quality, and purity and have a historical value.

Why Sell My Parents Jewelry

This is a very common question that many people usually ask themselves when someone asks them to sell them. The answers can be very varied. Some people, realizing that they do not need them, prefer to exchange them for money to acquire some object that is more useful to them. Others decide to sell their inherited jewelry in order to pay bills or face unexpected situations such as accidents or illnesses. Whatever the reason, it is not a sin to sell these jewels. If you need to do it and want to do it, do not hesitate to go to professionals who can value them at the best price; therefore do not hesitate to contact Gold Buyers USA to sell your parents jewelry.

Sell Parents Inherited Jewelry Near me

There are many companies engaged in the purchase and sale of jewelry. However, if you want to get the best advice on the real price of your jewelry without fear of being undervalued, you should seek out professionals. That’s why Gold Buyers USA exists.

With forty years of experience in the business, Gold Buyers USA employees are experts in any type of jewelry and are ideally educated to offer you a fair price that reflects the realities of today’s market. We will beat or match any legitimate offer, so you have nothing to fear.

If you are in Los Angeles, CA, and are thinking of selling your jewelry, you can come to visit us at either of our two stores (Downtown Los Angeles: 607 S Hill St Suite 241B, Los Angeles, CA 90014, or South Bay: 16916 Hawthorne Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260). If you are selling locally you will have the option to be paid in cash.

If you’re outside of Los Angeles, don’t worry. We can organize the shipment of your jewelry without this implying a reduction in your payment. The money will reach you by bank transfer the same day we receive your inherited jewelry.

Sell My Parents Jewelry

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