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The price of gold today as of Dec 09, 2023, 1 troy ounce of gold is 2004.50. Our gold price chart displays the current price of gold.  Using our real-time gold price chart, you can get the most accurate value of your gold today. With our live gold price index analyzed every 5 minutes, you’ll get the most current information available. Refreshing your browser is unnecessary. Using this chart, you’ll be able to examine the long-term patterns in gold prices.

Price Of Gold

Bid / Ask$2004.50$2005.50
Low / High$1993.50$2027.40

(Updated Dec 09, 2023)

Gold Spot Price

24K$64.45 Per Gram
22K$59.04 Per Gram
18K$48.34 Per Gram
14K$37.57 Per Gram
10K$26.81 Per Gram

(Updated Dec 09, 2023)

What is the Spot Price of Gold Today?

The spot price of Gold is typically what someone is referring to when they talk about the price of Gold. Gold is a commodity and is normally priced based on the purity of the metal content. Gold’s current spot price, like every day’s, fluctuates based on a variety of factors. It is also possible that the current Gold price is simply an indication of how much gold has changed in value since the start of the current trading day. Market’s current spot gold prices are available here which are constantly updated.

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Use our gold calculator tool today to get the latest gold price for your jewelry.

Gold Value and Why It Fluctuates

The spot price of gold determines its monetary value. Various factors, including market conditions, demand and supply, and news of political as well as social events, influence this price. Troy ounces are used to measure the value or worth of a Gold product, which is based on the weight of the pure metal content. 

Designer jewelry Gold goods may command a premium above the metal’s intrinsic worth. Additionally, variables such as packaging, advertising, or third-party grading may affect the ultimate value of the Gold item you are buying.

What is the Gold Rate Today?

As gold price is not stable, our tool provides you with the real-time evolution of the gold price of today. A gram of gold now costs 64.45 USD in the United States. The current gold exchange rate is 2004.50 USD for one troy ounce of gold. (Updated Dec 09, 2023)

By finding the current gold rate, you are able to determine the current price of gold. Our gold price chart shows the current gold value per ounce, gram, and kilogram. It is essential for every market to be able to establish a price. Local gold markets rely on regional gold prices, whereas the New York Spot Price serves as an essential benchmark for the whole gold market.

gold price chart

Gold Value and Why It Fluctuates

The exact price of gold determines the value of a piece of jewelry. Numerous variables, such as market circumstances, supply and demand, and information on political and social events all influence the price of a particular item. In order to determine the value of a Gold product, its single metal content is estimated and quantified in troy ounces relative to the weight of the product. Collectible and rare Gold items, on the other hand, may command a much larger premium over and beyond the value found in the raw metal weight.

Furthermore, additional elements such as marketing, packaging, or official grading from a reputable third party may have an impact on the ultimate value of a Gold product that is bought.

Gold Price Per Ounce

Want to know how much is an ounce of gold in the United States? As gold prices fluctuate, our tool provides you with the real-time evolution of gold prices today. The current gold price is 2004.50 USD for one troy ounce of gold. (Updated Dec 09, 2023).

What is a Troy Ounce?

The troy ounce is the unit of measurement for gold, and it is about 31.103 grams in weight. It was first used in France throughout the Middle Ages, and it was subsequently adopted by the United States around 1828 for use in the production of standard currency. A troy ounce is somewhat heavier than a “normal” ounce, which weighs just 28 grams and is used to measure weight in grams.

How Much Does a Gold Bar Weigh?

A normal gold bar contains 12.4 kilos, which is the standard weight for gold (that is 400 troy ounces, or we can say 27.4 pounds). This weight is used by banks all around the globe. In certain circumstances, a one-kilogram brick may be considered the standard measurement (that is 32.15 troy ounces, or we can say 2.2 pounds).

Because of the way gold bricks are constructed, it is very difficult to establish the precise weight of a gold bar brick. Consider the following scenario: you want to fill a mold with melting gold, liquid gold. Consider the following scenario: you pour additional liquid gold into some other mold, but you don’t totally fill it. Despite the fact that they are both made of gold, one is much heavier than another.

How Much is a Bar of Gold Worth?

The term “standard bar of gold” may conjure a number of different types of standards in your mind. 

There’s the 400oz piece of gold. This is what is used by banks. This is what is used to keep gold at Fort Knox… The 400oz bar weighs 12.5 kilograms and has a market value of about 500k, with the value fluctuating based on the day (e.g., at 1700 per ounce, it is worth over 680k). 

Then there is the single kilo bar standard with purity levels of 99.95 or 99.99 percent, which is utilized by the individual customer for storage & investment purposes, respectively.

Gold Price Per Gram

The price of gold per gram depends on the weight of the gold and its purity. For example, 10k gold may be worth more than 14k gold if you have a surplus of 10k gold over the valued amount of 14k gold; however, 14k gold on its own is worth more as it has a higher purity, just like 18k is worth more, 22k and 24k.

To find the price of your gold jewelry, you can always use a calculator, or even better, a gold scrap calculator.

How Much is 10k Gold Worth?

The current price of 10K gold in the United States is 26.81 USD per gram – Gold in the color of 10K is the most economical sort of gold that can be used in engagement rings as well as other jewelry pieces. It is also the most long-lasting. It’s worth taking into consideration if you’re on a tight budget or if you and your fiancé have had an active life and want a wedding band that won’t scrape easily.

Find the 10K gold price per gram, troy ounce, kilo and per tola.

10K Gold Price Per Gram$26.81
10K Gold Price Per Troy Oz$833.87
10K Gold Price Per Kilo$26,809.57
10K Gold Price Per Tola$312.60

How Much is 14k Gold Worth?

The current price of 14K gold in the United States is 37.57 USD per gram – Despite the fact that it has a comparable appearance to more costly metals, including platinum, 14K white gold is a very inexpensive metal that, on the whole, represents excellent value for money.

Find the 14K gold price per gram, troy ounce, kilo and per tola.

14K Gold Price Per Gram$37.59
14K Gold Price Per Troy Oz$1,169.22
14K Gold Price Per Kilo$37,591.40
14K Gold Price Per Tola$438.32

How Much is 18k Gold Worth?

The spot gold price is 48.34 US Dollars per gram in the United States. 18 karat gold is composed of 75 percent gold and 25 percent alloy, with the remainder being alloy. Because only 18 of the 24 components that comprise the gold are made entirely of pure gold, this sort of gold is known as 18 karat gold. 18K gold is often the purest kind of gold available and is utilized in the production of rings, watches, and other wearable jewelry.

Find the 18K gold price per gram, troy ounce, kilo and per tola.

18K Gold Price Per Gram$48.33
18K Gold Price Per Troy Oz$1,503.37
18K Gold Price Per Kilo$48,334.56
18K Gold Price Per Tola$563.58

How Much is 22k Gold Worth?

Find the 22K gold price per gram, troy ounce, kilo and per tola.

22K Gold Price Per Gram$59.07
22K Gold Price Per Troy Oz$1,837.32
22K Gold Price Per Kilo$59,071.28
22K Gold Price Per Tola$688.77

How Much is 24k Gold Worth?

Find the 24k gold price per gram, troy ounce, kilo and per tola.

24K Gold Price Per Gram$64.44
24K Gold Price Per Troy Oz$2,004.30
24K Gold Price Per Kilo$64,439.63
24K Gold Price Per Tola$751.37

Gold Bar Price

Other than having old gold scrap jewelry for sale, some customers have gold bars. Gold bars are a great investment, as oftentimes, gold bars are very heavy in weight and their price can be determined by this overall weight, as well as the purity of the gold. If you have a gold bar and would like to determine the price of your gold bar, you can use our free gold bar weight tool.

Gold Price Today Los Angeles

The gold price today Los Angeles as of Dec 09, 2023, 1 troy ounce of gold is 2004.50

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