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Do you have some gold jewelry that you do not use or want? It could be because of many reasons including breaking or becoming old fashioned. Although that jewelry may not look beautiful now, it will still hold a lot of value for you because of the precious metals and stones.

The main issue is that most people do not know this, so they do not sell that old jewelry. Even if someone wants to sell their jewelry, they look for the traditional options for selling jewelry which are not effective now.

Read on to see why you should sell your gold jewelry to Gold Buyers USA.

Sell Jewelry Near Me

Selling your jewelry at Gold Buyers USA is the most simple and convenient thing that you can experience. The only thing you need to do here is fill out the Sell Jewelry form or contact us via email or phone and a customer service representative will assist you. It is important to note that selling your jewelry at Gold Buyers USA is convenient, but you can experience several benefits compared to the traditional options.

How Much Is My Jewelry Worth?

The most frequently asked question is “How Much Is My Jewelry Worth”, although people know that their jewelry has value, they do not know the exact price. In such a case, you can either get a price check from some local vendor or conveniently get up-to-date prices by visiting our gold price page where you will see real time prices based on the New York Gold Spot Price.

Sell Designer Jewelry For The Highest Price

At Gold Buyers USA, we welcome all types of designer jewelry but most interested in Cartier, Van Cleef & ArpelsTiffany & Co, Bvlgari, Chopard, David Yurman, Gucci ,Harry Winston, & Piaget jewelry to name a few. Unlike generic gold jewelry which is sold for melt value, designer jewelry has a market of its own and is purchased based on the prices customers are willing to pay for them.

Sell Jewelry Online

Selling your jewelry online at Gold Buyers USA is a simple.

Receive A Mailing Label

Complete our easy-to-use sell form. We’ll email you a FREE insured shipping label to take to your nearest FedEx location where you can mail your gold

Send Us Your Gold

Take your gold to any FedEx location near you and carefully package your items and ship. *Make sure you double box your gold for extra security.

Receive Payment

Once the purchase price is confirmed and our offer is accepted, you will be paid immediately. Choose same day bank wire or a company check.

Why Should I Sell My Gold Jewelry?

If you are unsure whether or not you should sell your gold jewelry well than here are some reasons why you should.

  • Invest the money in stocks
  • Use the money to buy new jewelry
  • Pay off bills
  • Put it into your saving account

These are some options you should consider and take advantage of while the gold prices are near all time highs.

Sell Your Jewelry for Cash

When you sell your jewelry at Gold Buyers USA, you get paid the same day your gold arrives at our headquarters. It means that there will be no waiting times. Similarly, there will be no need to worry about fees because we keep everything transparent. Contact us today to speak with a customer service representative.

Sell Your Diamond & Gold Jewelry

At Gold Buyers USA, you can easily sell all types of jewelry. Our services cover all types of gold and diamond jewelry.

Types of Gold Jewelry We Buy

Following are all the types of jewelry items we buy at Gold Buyers USA.

Designer Jewelry

Selling your designer jewelry might be very profitable for you because of the additional value. At Gold Buyers USA, we ensure to provide you with the best price for it.

10K Jewelry

We do not refuse any type of jewelry as long as it has gold. So, selling us your 10K jewelry might be your best choice.

14K Jewelry

Whether your 14K jewelry is in good shape or not, you can sell that at Gold Buyers USA to get the best value for it.

18K Jewelry

We know that your 18K gold jewelry will be valuable for you. Our reliable and safe shipping features bring peace of mind and the highest payout guarantee.

22K Jewelry

Having 22K jewelry with some valuable stones means that you are getting that extra bit of cash you need.

24K Jewelry

Purest gold means the highest payouts, and you can only get the highest payouts at Gold Buyers USA.

Sell Women’s jewelry

Women’s jewelry has a lot of categories, including diamond and gold. So, at Gold Buyers USA, we ensure to provide our top-notch services for buying all of the women’s jewelry items.

Sell Your Gold Jewelry To Gold Buyers USA

Do you also have some Diamond and Gold jewelry that you need to sell? Quickly fill out the Sell Jewelry form to know its value and proceed with selling it at Gold Buyers USA.

Find out how easy it is to sell your gold by calling us at (877) 752-8484.

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Free Shipping – Insured up to $25,000

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