Our Mission

Our mission at GoldBuyersUSA is to offer affordable solid gold jewelry at the best quality on the market. We strive to offer the absolute better or matching quality compared to the majority of our competitors for all of our new italian-style gold chains and gold bracelets.

We have made it our mission to offer our products at a more affordable rate than our competition. We assure you that while we are offering our products (specifically gold chains and gold bracelets) at a lower price, this does not mean that the quality will be sacrificed by any means. We invite you to read our great reviews and watch our product videos to get a more accurate depiction of the quality you can expect from GoldBuyersUSA.
Please read the below disclosures about our products, and take each of these into careful consideration before purchasing a product on our website.

Last updated: January 17, 2022


All of our gold chains and bracelets for sale are 100% solid gold. GoldBuyersUSA only offers 100% solid gold jewelry items for sale in 10K, 14K and sometimes 18K options. You may rest assured that none of our products for sale are gold-plated or gold-filled. When purchasing from GoldBuyersUSA, you can shop with confidence, knowing that what you are receiving is the best quality gold Italian-style chains.

What does this mean?
This means that our jewelry does not tarnish and will not discolor or cause green stains on your skin. Our gold jewelry is 100% hypoallergenic, meaning our jewelry will not irritate your skin.

Why do so many customers choose GoldBuyersUSA over the fancy retail competitors that you are seeing ads for? Good question!

GoldBuyersUSA does not utilize a middleman to manufacture our gold chains and bracelets. Without a middleman, like many of our competitors, our prices can be offered much more affordably.

GoldBuyersUSA does not participate in unethical retail markups as we are a direct gold refinery. This means that you are getting the absolute best quality gold liquified down to your preferred gold metal purity (10K, 14K, or 18K). We know exactly what goes into our gold jewelry, and stand behind its quality, assuring that you will receive only the best quality gold jewelry.

Product Disclosures

Please be advised that the final weight of your purchased jewelry items may vary over/under +1-2/-1-2 grams. This means, that the total weight of your gold jewelry items that you purchase may fluctuate between being over 1-2 grams from the advertised rate or it may be under 1-2 grams of the total advertised rate. Our advertised total weights of each product are accurate estimates within this range. You may find each products advertised rate on the product detail page

Before making your purchase, please reference our sizing chart image (located on each product detail page for gold chains) to ensure that you order the right width (mm) and length (inches) chain.

Please be advised that all products sold on our website are not new from the manufacturer. Though many of our products are new, some gold chains and bracelets are pre-owned and have been professionally polished and cleaned.

If you are purchasing a pre-owned piece of gold jewelry, please be advised that your item may show visible signs of wear including but not limited to scratches, dings, dents, chips etc. GoldBuyersUSA is not liable for any customer who was not aware of this company policy and will not accept a refund under any circumstance. Please also note that gold chains and bracelets in pre-owned condition are cared after, professionally cleaned and polished to an acceptable condition, that appears like-new. Rest assured that you will love your purchase no matter if it is pre-owned or new.

Return Policy

All products sold on goldbuyersusa.com are sold as FINAL sale. This includes all gold chain and bracelet sales as FINAL – NO REFUNDS will be accepted. Please make sure to read our weight, sizing, and condition disclosures before purchasing our products as GoldBuyersUSA will not be held liable for any claims of a customer not knowing this information after their purchase.

Refund Policy

We do not offer any refunds for any product purchased on GoldBuyersUSA. We do offer a buyback program that allows you to sell your purchased gold chain or gold bracelet back to GoldBuyersUSA at the current scrap value – our percentage at the time of sale. This means, you may sell your item back to us, but we will only purchase it back for less than its scrap value – as the item you are selling is now no longer in new condition, and must be diclaimed as pre-owned.

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