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Where Is the Best Place to Sell Cartier Jewelry?

Finding a suitable buyer for your jewelry can be quite a hurdle. Most people go through intermediaries, pawn shops, or auctions to sell their jewelry. Due to intermediaries’ costs and percentages you would hardly ever get the real value for your items at these places. What you need is a trusted online buyer to sell your jewelry right from home while getting your money immediately. In short, what you need to do is sell your Cartier jewelry to Gold Buyers USA. 

Why Sell Cartier Jewelry To Gold Buyers USA?

  • Best in the game: We have over 40 years of experience in business with expert employees who deal specifically with Cartier jewelry. 
  • Expert Attendants: Our employees are up-to-date with current resale prices for the brand, which means you will always be offered a fair price that reflects the market. 
  • Best Market Prices: We are sure to beat any legitimate offers for your jewelry.
  • Easy transaction: We allow you to sell your Cartier jewelry from the comfort of your home. We buy Cartier jewelry nationwide, so customers outside Los Angeles can still sell to us. We provide free shipping and insurance, so you can easily mail their jewelry to us.
  • Instant payment: The same day we receive their jewelry, we will inspect it and issue payment to you the same day by bank wire.
  • Accessibility: Los Angeles customers can walk into our 2 buying offices to sell your jewelry. Local sellers have the option to be paid in cash. Our locations (Downtown LA: 607 S Hill St Suite 241B, Los Angeles, CA 90014) & (South Bay: 16916 Hawthorne Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260)

When Is the Best Time to Sell Cartier Jewelry? 

People are often concerned about the right time or season to sell their Cartier jewelry. Unlike winter coats, Cartier jewelry is never out of season. Cartier jewelry is always in style, and designer jewelry lovers are always ready to buy a Cartier piece. Cartier jewelry holds such value among other luxury jewelry and watch brands that its pieces are timeless. You might just be astonished by how much your old Cartier ring or bracelet is worth when you sell it to Gold Buyers USA. However, the value of Cartier jewelry is dependent on several factors. Interestingly this implies very little change in cost when dealing with us. 

Find out how easy it is to Sell Designer Jewelry by calling us at (877) 752-8484.

What Factors Can Affect the Value of My Cartier Jewelry?

  • Condition: Cartier jewelry like every other good is prone to depreciation over time. Your gold ring or diamond bracelet is bound to suffer scratches and wears as long as it’s in use. Normal usage coupled with several factors such as lack of proper care and exposure to radioactivity can cause wear and tear to your jewelry. While this may not make it unfit for the market, it could significantly influence its price. 
  • Popularity: Every Cartier piece has high market demand. However, unique pieces that have gained recognition over the years and limited editions are in particular demand. Generally, Cartier Love bracelets and Tank watches are most coveted. 
  • Materials: Just like other fashion items such as clothes and shoes, the material with which a piece was made often influences its value. Diamond pieces have always been more expensive. Cartier jewelry made of gold and platinum prices is the highest in the market.
  • Rarity: The Cartier jewelry is one of its kind and is the most expensive. Let’s say you inherited or were gifted a scarce Cartier piece; you will get the most value with Gold Buyers USA.
  • Box and Certificate: While you are sure to get fair value for your Cartier piece, the presence of the box and Certificate of your jewelry would get you a higher price as it helps to establish authentication.

How Much Is a Cartier Bracelet?

Cartier jewelry is more expensive than generic fine jewelry and attracts a reasonable price always. However, they are not priced equally. Some models and designs are more popular than others. According to sources, ​​the Cartier “Love” collection sells on average for 78% of its original retail price. Cartier jewelry are exceptionally reputable for holding their value, with prices increasing over time. Other popular, high prices pieces include bracelet models like Love, Trinity, and Nail to name a few.

When you sell your Cartier bracelet to Gold Buyers USA you can expect the best prices. Mail your Cartier bracelet today and get paid tomorrow! Get started today by filling out the sell Cartier form on this page.

How Much Is a Cartier Ring?

Like all Cartier pieces, the value of a Cartier ring depends on the collection, size, material, and rarity. Some exotic models are not available today; one of these is the Cartier Panthere. The Cartier Panthere currently prices the highest in the market, pricing as high as $199,000.  Other popular models include the Cartier Trinity, which prices as high as $37,000, Round Cut Solitaire Cartier Ring, E, VS1, which prices $13,226, and the Round Cut Solitaire Cartier Ring, D-E, VVS2-VS1, which is currently $5,200.

Sell your Cartier rings for the highest price today by selling it to Gold Buyers USA. Fill out the sell Cartier form on this page to get started.

Sell My Cartier Love Bracelet

The Cartier love bracelet is the most popular Cartier jewelry. Recent data states that ​​the Cartier “Love” collection sells on average for 78% of its original retail price. According to sources, the value for the white gold Cartier LOVE bracelet rose 21% in 2021, and the yellow gold version rose in value by 13%.

At Gold Buyers USA, we are up-to-date with the Cartier Love Collection’s current pricing and are ready to buy your Love Bracelet for immediate cash. We offer the best prices for your Cartier Love Bracelet and Rings. 

Why Is Cartier So Expensive?

Luxury brands are super expensive, more so reputable brands like Cartier. Cartier has held its place as a top jewelry brand for centuries. Since its inception in 1947, it has become a legacy and a brand for the rich and elites. Cartier is not just a luxury brand but a statement of class and affluence. It was named “the brand of kings and the king of brands.” Irrespective of the value of the Cartier jewelry you’d like to sell to us as regards its huge worth. We are more than able to buy them at the very best price that you can’t get from other vendors. 

Can You Sell Cartier Jewelry Without Box and Paperwork?

A Cartier piece with or without box and paperwork is in high demand. However, the credibility of a box and paperwork would get you a higher offer when it comes time to buy or sell it.

If you no longer have your box and paperwork, you would still get a fair offer based on proper estimation of the item and current market pricing. By the way, there are quite a few reasons why you may want to sell your Cartier jewelry to us at Gold Buyers USA;

  1. You are eying a new style that’s the latest version.
  2. You wear them only once in a blue moon, i.e., rarely.
  3. You are in dire need of money for other things, and you’ve got expensive jewelry.

Whatever the reason for wanting to sell your Cartier pieces of jewelry, you’ll be happy to hear that Gold Buyers USA is a licensed Cartier jewelry buyer. With 40 years of experience in the business and up-to-date with resale prices of all Cartier jewelry, we are sure to beat any legitimate offers for your jewelry.

Sell My Cartier Jewelry

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