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What Happens To Jewelry In A Divorce

What happens during or after a divorce might be overwhelming. What to do with the ring and jewelry might be another headache. Some often dispose of or flush everything that reminds them of their former partner. If you are in this position, don’t throw them away. Instead, you can sell your divorced jewelry for cash to Gold Buyers USA.

Sell Wedding Ring After Divorce

The question of whether it’s right or wrong to sell your ring in or after a divorce depends on how you feel about it. Some don’t sell their ring immediately because they still feel attached to it and seeing it reminds them of the wonderful memories they shared. Meanwhile, others sell it off immediately to let go of the burdens attached to wearing that jewelry. Get the best price for your wedding ring after a divorce when you sell to Gold Buyers USA. Our experts are ready to make you the best offer so you can use the money to purchase something new and begin to make new memories.

How To Sell Your Engagement Ring

Selling your engagement ring to Gold Buyers USA is easy. We have simplified the process to make your selling experience smooth. To get started simply fill out the sell form on this page and mail in your ring. Once we receive your wedding ring we will make you a final offer. If this offer is accepted we will issue your payment immediately. The best part is there is no commitment, if you decide you no longer want to sell your ring we will ship it back free of charge.

Find out how easy it is to sell my gold online by calling us at (877) 752-8484.

How Much Is My Wedding Ring Worth

Your wedding ring will not maintain the same value as when they were purchased.  Truthfully speaking, when you are reselling a wedding or engagement ring, the amount you can expect to make back ranges between 40% and 70% of the original retail price. If you’re very lucky, you could get more than that. 

The initial retail price includes the profit margin the jewelers require to make their profit. By selling the ring back to them, you’re playing the role of a wholesaler and the best that can happen is to sell it for  a wholesale price 

Other things that determine how valuable your ring turns out to include:

  1. The amount of wear and tear 
  2. Having reputable documents such as GIA grading certificate and insurance appraisals, liquidation appraisal, and EGL. 
  3. The weight 
  4. The purity of the gold in your ring
  5. The current price of gold or platinum
  6. The metal composition (gemstone, platinum, diamond, and so on) and the current rate for that metal

The current worth of your wedding ring depends on the above variables. Don’t have too much expectation about it. It will not be worth as much as a new one. 

Where To Sell Engagement Rings

There are several options available for you to explore both online and locally, but be very careful so that you don’t get swindled. There are several marketplaces online where you can list your items for sale such as Facebook and eBay. There is no guarantee when you will sell and how much you will sell eventually. There is also a lot of anonymity online, so you’ve got to be careful. The most reliable place to sell your jewelry is at Gold Buyers USA!

Gold Buyers USA is the best place to sell your jewelry. We offer the best price for your jewelry. We are the most trusted online gold and jewelry buyer who pay prices than our competitors. Sell your diamond rings, wedding bands, engagement rings, promise rings and more for the best price. Get started today by filling out the sell jewelry form on this page.

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