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Diamond Buyer Chicago

Customers have been putting their faith in Gold Buyers USA as Chicago’s foremost diamond buyers since the company was founded in 1983. We are one of the most trustworthy diamond purchasers because of the consistent recommendations we receive from customers.

Your valuable diamonds will fetch the most excellent possible price when you sell them to us. We offer our customers the option to sell diamonds via mail to serve them better. Get in touch with us if you need an evaluation in Chicago.

Unlocking the immense cash value hidden within your diamonds can help you meet your immediate financial obligations. If you need money and don’t want to take out a loan or pawn your belongings, selling diamonds is the best option because it’s straightforward and quick. Are you perplexed by the question, “Where can I sell my diamond?” ” Do you have second thoughts about selling a huge diamond because it is not certified?

Gold Buyers USA will purchase any size or type of diamond, regardless of whether it has been certified, providing you with an obligation-free means of obtaining cash that may be used to pay off bills or purchase an extravagant present for someone special or yourself.

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Serving All Of Chicago

Serving Chicago, IL

We will buy diamonds of any kind, size, or shape!

We purchase diamonds of all sizes and shapes because we are one of the leading diamond buyers in Chicago. We will serve you with a price estimate for your loose diamond stones regardless of the cut, clarity, or color.

Mounted diamonds, both new and used, are also welcome, as are diamonds set in antique or vintage settings or jewelry by renowned designers like Cartier, Bulgari, and others.

  • Tiffany & Co.,
  • Cartier,
  • Van Cleef & Arpels, etc.

We are interested in purchasing a wide variety of diamond jewelry, such as diamond rings, bracelets, studs, bands, pendants, and more.

Sell Diamonds Near Me

  • Diamond Jewelry
  • Loose Diamonds
  • Any Carat Size
  • Any shape imaginable, including round, radiant, plus princess, Asscher, oval, emerald, marquise, heart, pear, and many more.
  • Any Score, from Dismal to Outstanding
  • On the GIA color scale, any shade from white to black corresponding to Z to D.
  • Lab Certified Diamonds, such as those from the GIA, IGI, and EGL.
  • Diamonds that do not have a certificate

Best Diamond Buyers Chicago

Because you possess a diamond, you are familiar with the 4Cs, which are color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. When you were shopping for a diamond, you gave all of these considerations serious thought. Exactly the same considerations would be given to each of these aspects if we were to go shopping for your diamond jewelry.

The term “color” really refers to the degree to which the diamond is white or colorless. The internal immaculateness of a diamond is referred to as its clarity. The proportions of a diamond, in conjunction with its cut, are what define its brilliance or lack thereof. The weight of a diamond in carats is a measurement of its size. Your diamond’s price would be affected by all of these different factors. In addition to this, we will consider the type of material used for the diamond’s setting as well as the state of the marketplace at the time of evaluation.

Certified Gemologist with Years of Experience

Gold Buyers USA has in-house gemologists that are highly certified and have years of expertise to assist you with the evaluation of your diamond. The diamonds that you’re selling will be evaluated by a member of our buying team, who will give careful consideration to every facet of the diamonds, from the cut to the carat weight.

In order to determine a diamond’s actual worth, we make use of cutting-edge equipment and instruments. We are confident in our expertise and skills in diamond appraisal, and we will always give pricing that are difficult to exceed by our competitors. When we do an evaluation of your diamond, our first goal is to ensure that you receive the highest possible price for it, regardless of who else in Chicago buys diamonds.

Why Sell Diamonds in Chicago at Gold Buyers USA

Gold Buyers USA is the best option to sell diamonds in Chicago. We will make cash proposals for diamonds, and we will do it at the highest feasible price. If you decide to take us up on our offer, we will promptly and in cash compensate you for your services.

If you were to sell your diamond to a pawnshop or an ordinary jewelry store in the region, you would get less money for it than if you sold it to a buyer who specializes in purchasing diamonds. Since honesty and safety have always been priorities for us, you may have complete faith in both the services we provide and the longevity of our company.

We will be happy to be your service if you are searching for the highest possible return for your diamond as well as an honest and straightforward transaction with seasoned diamond buyers.

Find out how easy it is to sell gold online by calling us at (877) 752-8484.

Things to Do in Chicago

Chicago is home to America’s third-largest metropolis, providing an abundance of art, music, architectural and historical experiences. There are so many things to do when visiting Chicago, or even if you live in Chicago. Check out our list below of the many things our diamond clients like to do in Chicago

  • Millennium Park and the Loop.
  • Art Institute of Chicago.
  • Chicago River to observe modern landmarks. 
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Go for a jazz or blues concert.
  • Comedy show at Second City

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They made it very easy to sell my gold in Chicago. Received a fair price and fast payment.
– Tony A.

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