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Sell Silver New York

Selling silver is a reasonable option for many people who want to make some extra cash. Perhaps you wish to get rid of any silver goods that are no longer needed or wanted, or you could use some extra cash in these times of severe inflation.

Whatever your reason, selling silver online to a trustworthy buyer like Gold Buyers USA may be a satisfying experience. To assist you in understanding the process, we’ll respond to a few frequently asked questions, such as how and where to sell silver and what is your silver worth.

Best Place to Sell Silver Near Me in New York

Gold Buyers USA is a well-known online buyer of valuable metals such as silver and gold. Over the course of our more than ten years in the scrap metal industry, we have given our clients more than $50 million in cash. In contrast to pawnbrokers, we only deal in metals. Thanks to our knowledge, we can provide you with the most accurate, current values for your silver products.

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How Much is My Silver Worth?

The worth, or current value, that you’ll obtain for your silver objects is one of the most important factors to take into account when selling silver. The state or shape of your silver is irrelevant to Gold Buyers USA. 

We buy silver things of value despite how harmed, shattered, or unsightly they are since all the material we accept is torn down, purified, and repurposed. Purity, or the ratio of silver to non-silver in a product, is the single factor used to determine how much we pay for products.

The four general purity grades for silver products sold in the United States are:                       

·         Fine Silver – 99.9% pure

·         Sterling Silver – 92.5% pure

·         Coin Silver – 90% pure

·         German Silver – 80% pure

We typically concentrate on sterling silver because it is the most prevalent and can be used to create the broadest range of goods. So, if you want to sell sterling silver, we should be your first stop. But if you own silver items with other purity grades, we will be more than happy to offer you cash for silver against those items.

A silver item’s purity rating is frequently inscribed on the object itself. For instance, a sterling silver band might be stamped with “sterling silver” or “.925.” It can be tested for purity using specialized equipment if it is not branded.

Although the value of silver-plated products is strongly influenced by the type of metal employed and the thickness of the coating, they may also be traded for money as junk silver. If you submit us an item that has been silver-plated, we will assess the quality and cost of the coating to offer you a decent deal.

Valuable Silver Items We Buy

It’s likely that you have some priceless silver things lying around gathering dust. Here are some things to keep an eye out for:

·         Scrap Silver

You can still get paid for silver even if it’s damaged, outdated, or in poor shape, if you offer it as junk. Clearing out your drawers will help you get money from items like broken necklace chains, twisted silverware, and even those unattractive earrings you received from a kind cousin. We buy all kinds of silver, so you can even contact us to sell silver jewelry.

Finding silver scrap is a side business or even a full-time job for some people. Scrap silver is frequently found in thrift shops, garage and house auctions, production plants, and other public locations. But such places don’t appreciate the actual value of the metal like the experts at Gold Buyers USA do.

Hence, if you’d like to sell silver chains that might be damaged or broken, we promise to give you a fair price for them!

·         Sterling Silver

You might not be aware of the significant part sterling silver plays in our daily lives. Sterling silver, in contrast to soft pure silver, is reasonably robust and useful for making a variety of products. To assist pay for a quality new set, you could sell sterling flatware or silver jewelry you rarely wear.

Following are some typical sterling silver-containing goods besides jewelry:

–          Silverware

–          Platters

–          Coffee and Tea Sets

–          Plates

Keep an eye out for common indicators that specify the producer or degree of purity to help detect sterling silver. For instance, sterling silver frequently has markings 925, 900, or 800. We are not just interested in buying silver jewelry, if you want to sell silver tea sets, we would love to purchase them!

Find out how easy it is to sell gold online by calling us at (877) 752-8484.

How to Sell Silver for Cash Online in New York City

Do you want to sell silver bracelets or other precious silver items for cash and are unsure how to do so? Here is how the sales procedure at Gold Buyers USA works:

·         For free shipping instructions, please complete our brief online form. We will send you a FedEx shipping label if you ask us to.

·         Simply box up your silver objects and ship them to us using the given FedEx label after receiving them from us.

·         Our experts will inspect the silver pieces within 24 hours of receiving them, assess their worth, and extend a proposal to close the deal.

·         You can proceed with the deal if you believe our quoted value is justified. Once you accept our offer, we will pay you immediately via bank transfer.

·         If you find the value less than what you were expecting, you can decide not to go through with the deal. We will ship your silver items back to you without additional charges in that scenario. Since the shipping will be completely insured, you do not need to worry about the safety of your valuables.

As you may have now discovered, selling silver online to a reputable buyer is a viable option for many people. Despite the numerous factors to take into account, having the right team and resources will guarantee that you pick the most advantageous and financially rewarding choice.

Gold Buyers USA is here to help and has years of expertise in buying silver. Are you prepared to sell your silver for cash? Just contact us right away or complete our form immediately!

How To Sell Silver in New York

Gold Buyers USA is the best silver buyer in New York city. When helping our New York customers, we often find that many of you have a lot of silver. A large amount of silver is worth more money, so, we have all of our silver jewelry sent into our office. Please follow the steps below:

  • Receive A Mailing Label
    Kindly complete our sell silver online form.
  • Send Us Your Item
    Package your silver securely at a FedEx print and ship location near you.
  • Receive Payment
    Once we receive your silver, we will arrive at a valuation and agree on a purchase price with you. We will pay you within the same day at your preferred payment method

Things to Do in New York City

Our clients who sell their silver jewelry often look for the best things to do in the city.

Best Things To Do in NYC:

  • Visit Central Park
  • Attend a Brooklyn Nets game
  • Attend a Yankee’s game
  • Walk the High Line

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