Peace Dollars (1921-1935)

The First World War has ended, but its memories are still vivid in people’s minds, but there are still seven years left until the start of the Great Depression. The United States of America is now experiencing an economic expansion and is in desperate need of silver coins to replace the Morgan dollars that were destroyed as a result of the Pittman Act. The introduction of the Peace Dollar was conceived by Anthony de Francisci and given its name to honor the conclusion of the war that was intended to put an end to all hostilities. The Eisenhower Dollar and the Susan B. Anthony Dollar were both issued after the Peace Dollar, but the Eisenhower Dollar was the final dollar made up of 90 percent silver to be placed into circulation in the United States. The United States used the Peace Dollar during the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression, but the manufacture of the Peace Dollar was discontinued not long thereafter.

From their high relief beginnings in 1921 until their discontinuation during the Great Depression in 1935, Peace Dollars have been an American classic. They are the ideal viable replacement for Americana, history, and of course, a design that will never go out of style that is struck in.900 fine silver. Continue reading to find out more information about one of the most well-known American silver dollar coins, some of the most significant years in which it was issued, and to have a chance to go through our assortment to locate the ideal Peace Dollar for your collection.

Peace Silver Dollar Coin Sizes & Specs

Mint Date1921-1935
Face Value$1 USD
Weight.859 Troy Oz
Diameter38.1 mm
Thickness2.41 mm

Peace Silver Dollar Value

Between the years 1921 and 1928, as well as in 1934 and 1935, the United States Mint produced Peace silver dollars. Each one is made with 26.73 grams or 0.8593 troy ounces of silver that has been refined to a purity of 90%. This results in a weight of 0.77344 troy ounces for the silver they own.

Depending on the era and the mintage, the price of a Peace dollar may vary from as little as $35 for a coin that is worn to as much as thousands of dollars for a coin that is in high-grade uncirculated condition.

The full date and mint set for the Peace dollar consist of 24 individual pieces. When contrasted to a 95-coin Morgan dollars set, which includes several mintages that are inaccessible to anybody who isn’t a billionaire, this set is far simpler and easier to complete.

Peace Silver Dollar Melt Value


How To Invest In Peace Silver Dollar Coins

Not only is there a limited quantity of Peace dollars in circulation, but these coins also have a significant historical value, and their understated elegance makes them quite desirable to collectors. Collectors consider this coin to be an authentic piece of American history because it served as a symbol of peace in the years after World War I. Collectors attach a great deal of importance to the Peace dollar because it was the last dollar piece to be produced with silver for the express purpose of being put into circulation.

The antiquity of the coin is another factor that contributes to the popularity of the Peace dollar among collectors. This coin’s first edition is getting up to 100 years old, and a good number of examples have been preserved in pristine condition. Given the extensive cultural history, intricate designs, and high silver content of these coins, it should not come as a surprise that so many collectors are attempting to purchase and hoard them.

The year of issue may have a role in how popular Peace dollars are among collectors, just like it does for many other forms of limited edition coinage. In addition, some coins are struck with a high relief, and even though it was thought that all of those coins had been melted down, one of those coins has been discovered. It is thought that the design of the 1921 Peace dollar is the one that comes the closest to de Francisci’s initial concept. Although this coin may not be considered rare, it is significantly more difficult to acquire in higher mint-state grades. Because there were only 360,649 copies of the 1928 edition struck for distribution, most numismatic coins would agree that it is the most difficult to find.

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History of Peace Dollar

First Peace dollars weren’t made until late December 1921. In 1920, U.S. Mint engraver George T. Morgan was asked to redesign the Morgan dollar and create dies for new silver dollars to replace those melted under the Pittman Silver Purchase Act of 1918. The statute compelled the U.S. to sell silver to the UK, therefore 270 million silver dollars were melted.

Roger Burdette calls the Peace dollar “a mystery currency” since its debut on December 20, 1921. Initial press releases touted the sculptor’s use of his gorgeous wife as a model, he stated. Only rudimentary details about the coin’s creation were disclosed.

Frank Duffield’s essay in the November 1918 edition of The Numismatist sparked interest in replacing Morgan’s Neoclassical goddess. He proposed a circulating “victory currency” in vast numbers. Farran Zerbe suggested a commemorative coin in 1920 “to symbolize America’s impact for peace and the moral force of democracy.”

Zerbe urged the ANA to promote the concept and invite outstanding sculptors and medalists to compete. The dollar won because its size allowed for a strong creative endeavor. The penny, 5-cent coin, dime, quarter, and half a dollar had all just been redesigned, thus the Morgan dollar was the only exception to what Burdette calls the rebirth of American currency design.

Congress introduced the “peace dollar” in May 1921. In July 1921, the Commission of Fine Arts advised holding a competition to produce a picture of Liberty and paying each sculptor $100 for his plaster models. President Harding’s declaration ending the war with Germany on Nov. 14, 1921, requested eight artists to submit ideas by Dec. 12.

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